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This Student Loves Bubble Tea So Much, She Dressed Up as One For Her Graduation Photo



Source: Facebook

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Our graduation photos hold some of the most precious memories in our life, and this girl has certainly nailed it with her ‘bubbly’ costume! 

Source: Facebook

About two weeks ago (March 2019), college student Em Zuñiga from the Philippines took social media by storm after she shared her graduation photo on Facebook. Obviously, from the photo, you can tell that she has dressed up as a cup of bubble milk tea, which is her favourite drink and everyone else’s these days.

To pull this off, she wore a cream-coloured shift dress with black circle patterns at the bottom to resemble the chewy boba pearls. Of course, she wouldn’t be able to serve this bubble milk tea look without a thick straw sticking out on top. So, Zuñiga stuck a giant purple straw (probably a DIY headband) on her head to complete the look.

Check out her graduation #ootd below:

Source: Facebook

In case it wasn’t obvious enough, she added the hashtag “#Milkteaislife” in her caption to let people know that she lives and breathes bubble tea. In an interview with Coconuts Manila, she said,

“I thought of dressing up as a milk tea since I am a huge huge fan of milk tea since I was in high school. Milk tea has become my comfort drink and my stress reliever as well.”

Her family and friends weren’t shocked by her choice but they certainly didn’t expect the picture to blow up on social media. Many netizens praised her for being creative and her outfit even made some of them crave for bubble tea at midnight.

We share her passion for bubble tea equally, if not more. Honestly, if you haven’t worn a milk tea costume at least once in your lifetime, are you even a bubble milk tea fan? 


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