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This Picnic Rental Business Is Launching a Malaysian-Themed Set For Merdeka & It’s Perfect!



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We’re about halfway through August and in two week’s time, we’ll be celebrating Malaysia’s 63rd year of independence. If you’re unsure about how to celebrate it, here’s an idea; PICNICS!

Let us introduce to you Daily Sparks – a homegrown business based in Klang Valley offering wonderful picnic set rentals!

It all started from a young couple’s love for spending quality time and creating memories using D.I.Y methods. Aiming to help people have a good time of leisure without thinking of work or responsibilities, Daily Sparks hopes to inspire people to pass time using different ways. They hope to make a perfect experience for people by providing the tools and ideas.

They cater to all kinds of special occasions whether it be a simple gathering over the weekend among friends or a family reunion.

Here are some of their picnic sets:

1. Classic Picnic Set

2. Boho Picnic Set

3. Floral Lace Set 

And in relation to the month of Merdeka, Daily Sparks has launched it’s Set Piknik-lah– a truly unique Malaysian set!

As you can see from the picture above, Malaysia’s identity is conveyed clearly through the artistic arrangement of the food with a little touch of Batik. Just by looking at this set, you don’t even need to wonder about the meaning behind this picnic package. Marvellous, spectacular, brilliant – the three best words to describe Set Piknik-lah! 

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Daily Sparks said,

“We also made a conscious effort to ensure that everything in this picnic set is sourced locally. While it took us a month to get everything in place, it was a fulfilling journey as we learned a lot more about Malaysia – refreshing some memories from our Sejarah textbooks!”

Some of you might be wondering why such a combination. Well, let’s take a look!

1. Batik: Malaysia’s Picnic Game Changer

First and foremost, the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about picnics is probably a red checkered cloth that you often see in movies. However, Daily Sparks wants to challenge this norm by using Batik cloth instead! Undeniably, Batik has been synonymous with Malaysia and it’s just an ingenious way to represent the country!

“We hope that other countries will one day be inspired to use our Batik cloth for their picnic sets as well,” said Daily Sparks.

2. Props: A Truly Malaysian Set 

To further increase the sense of Malaysian identity, utensils like hand washing pot (Malay culture), Indian roti canai plate, Chinese rooster design bowl & Nyonya flower tiffin carriers are used. Crafts from Sabah and Sarawak too are added inside this typical Malaysian picnic set for some added Instagram aesthetics. 

While having your meals, you can even play some of the popular childhood activities like congkak and batu seremban to reminisce the good, old times!

Honestly, everything about this is so Malaysian. How can you not love it?

3. Food: Malaysians’ Pride and Way of Life

One thing that all Malaysians should be proud of is definitely our diversity of foods. Malaysians get to enjoy cuisines from all cultures present in the country.

In Set Piknik-lah, delicacies like kopi and toast with half-boiled eggs, roti canai, muruku and kek lapis have perfectly captured the beauty of Malaysian culture. This is how food unites us together. 

Get in touch with Daily Sparks to know more about these lovely picnic sets!


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Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

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