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This Person Was Run Over By a Car, Then Robbed By a Passerby in Bangsar



Source: The Star

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Just last week (15 October 2018), a woman was stabbed in Bangsar in a mugging attempt. Fortunately, the lady survived the terrifying incident but the preparator still remains at large.

Now, another case has occurred in Bangsar yet again but this time, the poor victim was robbed right after being hit by a car. The unfortunate incident was shared by a Facebook user to a local community FB group.

For illustration purposes | Source: Backpacking Malaysia

In his post, he wrote that a friend of his became a hit-and-run victim when he was running along Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. He said,

“(My) friend was running along Jalan Maarof and was knocked down by a car, which promptly ran over his right leg and TOOK OFF! Hit and run.”

The FB user shared that the victim was “lying in pain and bloodied” by the roadside when a while later, he heard a motorcyclist stop nearby. He thought help was coming for him but he was very wrong.

The user continued,

“Minutes passed, (my) friend heard a motorcyclist stop. (He) heard the motorcyclist murmur ‘phone’ and (my) friend thought he was going to help him call someone. Instead, the man moved (my) friend to the side, took his phone and scooted!”

Source: The Star

Fortunately, after some time, several good Samaritans did come to his rescue; they called an ambulance and the victim was brought to the hospital. Thank goodness. 

The FB user then shared that the victim’s friends only found out about their friend’s accident five hours later and he needed surgery immediately. Currently, the victim is still recovering from the operation.

WORLD OF BUZZ has contacted the FB user for further information on the case but as of now, there are no updates. 

Source: The Guardian

The FB user then left a reminder to drivers and pedestrians who often use the roads in Bangsar, especially Lorong Maarof:

“There is an increasing number of runners/joggers/cyclists early in the morning. We should be mindful of them when we drive, especially along the narrow and busy Lorong Maarof.”

He ended the post by asking other netizens which person was worst, the hit-and-run driver or the robber. What do you think?

Thankfully, the victim is now recovering from the surgery and we wish him a speedy recovery. With that said, make sure you’re extra careful whenever you’re out and about in Bangsar, especially when you’re in crime-prone areas.

Stay safe, guys! 


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