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This House in M’sia Was Trashed So Bad, The Landlord Took 4 Days to Clean Up Entire Place



Miri School Teacher Leaves Behind Shocking Piles of Rubbish Everywhere in Rented Terrace House - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sin Chew
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The rental industry in Malaysia can be filled with pitfalls, especially when it comes to the types of landlords and tenants. For this landlord in Miri, he’ll definitely think twice about renting at all in the future, no thanks to this irresponsible tenant who trashed his entire house!

Before moving out, the tenant, who is a school teacher, had been living in the single-storey terrace house for six to seven years, but expressed wishes to move out sometime last year. However, once his tenancy contract expired, he was reluctant to hand the keys back to the landlord, and the latter had to follow up with him for months before he finally got them back.

Sadly, that was not to be the most frustrating part of this ordeal, Sin Chew reported, as the sight that greeted the landlord upon unlocking the house, was more shocking than anything he could have imagined. Trash was laid everywhere, from being strewn all over the floors to spilling out of boxes. Empty bottles, plastic bags and cardboard boxes took up the majority of the rubbish, but there were also food leftovers, drinks and dirty cutlery on a table. 

Excuse us while we go throw up for a bit. 


As if the state of the house wasn’t alarming enough, the landlord’s mother had specifically requested the tenant in February this year (2019) to clear the house of his belongings before Chinese New Year, and clean the surroundings properly before handing back the house. However, not only did that request fall on deaf ears, the keys were also not retrieved under this month (April). Error 404 sense of responsibility not found. 

M'sian Landlord Forced to Clean Up Rented House for 4 Days After School Teacher Trashes It - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Sin Chew

Such was the catastrophic state of the house, that it took the landlord and his brother four days just to get everything cleaned up. The landlord shed more light on the situation, saying that the teacher used to give tuition classes in the house, which would further explain the abundance of rubbish. We wonder if the residence had already been in this state when those poor students came by for their classes! 

So there you have it: another shocking, cautionary tale for the tenants and landlords in Malaysia. If you’re either one of them, please make sure that all important details are outlined in your tenancy agreements, so that even if such situations should arise, the ones guilty may be held responsible! 


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