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This 18yo Disabled Girl Was Raped By Her Own Father & 2 Brothers Almost 200 Times



18yo Mentally-Disabled Girl Was Allegedly Raped By Her Father And Brothers Nearly 200 Times - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Detik News

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Rape is a serious and prevalent problem in society, and it’s sad to see such cases still making headlines despite the offenders knowing the consequences of such acts.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Daily Life

Recently, news of a young Indonesian girl who was sexually abused at the hands of her father along with her two brothers shocked the region.

The 18-year-old mentally disabled girl, known simply as AG, was living together with all the three alleged perpetrators in the Sukoharjo sub-district of Tanggamus Regency, Indonesia. The father was identified as JM, 45, while both her brothers SA ,24, and YF, 15, according to Coconuts Jakarta.  

Source: Detik News

The incident was discovered by her the girl’s neighbours when they reportedly heard the abuse taking place. The father and her two brothers have since been arrested and the case is currently being investigated by local police.

According to investigators, JM admitted that he raped AG 5 times, while SA raped her 120 times and YF 60 times. This is sickening! 

The father admitted that he was fully aware that he was raping his own daughter and had taken advantage of her disability, said Primadona Laila, Head of the Tanggamus Police’s Women and Children Protection Unit.

“The helpless girl was taken advantage of by her own father to unleash his sexual desires,” she added

As for SA and YF,  they admitted to the police that they were compelled to act out on their sexual desires as they frequently watched porn on their phones. They also made the victim watch porn a few times.

During the investigation, YF had also admitted to the police that he recently had sexual intercourse with a cow and a goat owned by their neighbours. As a result, the teenager’s mental health is now being examined.

Meanwhile, AG was sent to live at her relative’s home and is reportedly recovering from the trauma.

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The three alleged perpetrators are now in police custody pending further investigation. If convicted, they could face up to 15 years in jail for violating Indonesia’s Child Protection Laws.

“The prison sentence is a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 15 years, added with one-third of the maximum prison sentence because the crime was carried out by a parent and people with blood relations,” said Primadona.

YF, who’s still underage, will be tried in juvenile court and will be the first to go on trial before his father and older brother.

We hope with further investigations, these three abusers will receive just punishment for what they have done to the poor girl!


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