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Thinking Of Getting A Tattoo? Here Are 6 Hidden Benefits That You Might Not Be Aware Of



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Honestly speaking, getting a tattoo needs a ton of courage. But, if you go around and talk to people with tattoos, undeniably, they’re going to say, “Oh, it’s not really that painful!”

Then again, everyone’s tolerance for pain is different, right?

But, did you know that there are actual benefits to getting tattoos? Don’t be surprised, because there certainly are hidden advantages. 


1. Tattoos Relieve Your Stress 

Some people might get tattoos for fun, but some tend to seek getting inked as a way to express themselves wordlessly. In cases of losing somebody you love or getting betrayed by someone you trust, tattoos can have a therapeutic effect on a person. Delhi-based tattoographer, Karan, said that meaningful tattoos are able to induce a positive effect on the owner’s body.

Healthline too have stated that tattoos are able to relieve stress as getting one may mean to mark the end of a painful period in certain people’s life.


2. Multiple Tattoos Improve Your Immunity System 

Getting yourself inked is dangerous if you’re thinking about the possibility of infections. However, if you reach out to a professional tattoo artist, you’d have the chances of a better immunity response.

The act of tattooing is basically injecting foreign ink into your body in a requested formation to appear on your skin. As explained by CNN, your body would treat a tattoo as a wound instead of a skin painting. Thus, the ink triggers your immunity system to send macrophages (white blood cells) to protect the body against infections. Additionally, the immunoglobins would also continue to circulate in your bloodstream on the lookout for similar foreign substances.

Therefore, this explains why multiple tattoos boosts your immunity system, according to Cosmopolitan.


3. Tattoos Spike Up Your Feel-Good Chemicals 

When you go for a tattoo, your body releases a type of chemical called endorphins. This is a natural chemical that helps to relieve pain in the body. It will make you feel good and thus, creating a euphoric feeling. It’s not surprising for a person to get a second tattoo or more, in order to experience this sensation again.

Healthline said that getting high of off euphoria happens naturally and it isn’t as intense as other chemical pain relievers like opioids.

In fact, aside from endorphins, tattooing also triggers the release of adrenaline because of the stress you feel from the tattoo needle. This hormone induces an outburst of energy that causes you to feel less pain and stronger. 


4. Tattoos Cover Your Physical Scars 

Incidents can happen anytime and anywhere in your life. Sometimes, it might go to the extent of leaving horrible marks on your skin. But fear not for tattoos can hide it for you!

Chinese actress, Zanilia Zhao, suffered from a waist injury during the filming of ‘Legend of Lu Zhen’. It caused a flaw on her back that can be seen whenever she wears a backless dress. Thus, she decided to tattoo a purple flower to hide the mark, as explained by Best China News.


5. Tattoos Improve Your Self-Esteem And Confidence 

Bracing yourself as the needle touches your skin is seriously not easy. But when you finally do it, it will undeniably increase your self-esteem and confidence. Why? Because you did it, and you have successfully improved your self-image.

According to LifeHack ,tattoos attract attention, which also affects a person’s self-esteem.

“As a symbol and a behavior, the tattoo has power. The quest to be better than ordinary is an appetite for more life, more good feelings about yourself and more response from others,” as stated in Psychology Today.


6. Tattoos Create A Special Bond 

Ask yourself, how many people are willing to get the exact same tattoo with you? 

Matching tattoos have always been a trend for couples, siblings and friendships to commemorate their strong bond. It helps people to feel closer with one another, explained Cosmopolitan.


Would you try getting a tattoo now that you know the benefits?


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Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash
Source: Unsplash

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