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These M’sian Sisters Start Work at 1am Every Day to Make Singapore’s Best Tau Sar Piah



Source: Mothership & Slow Food Singapore

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Let’s be honest, most of us are NOT a morning person and often dread waking up for work. Sure, we love our jobs, but some days, it’s just so hard to get up especially when we’ve stayed up late having a Netflix marathon the night before.

However, these two Malaysian sisters have been willingly waking up as early as 1am for work for the past 46 years with no complaints at all, reported Mothership. They are the epitome of hard work! 

Hailing from Melaka, the Loo sisters have been selling tau sar piah in Singapore at the famously known bakery Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah. Their pastry is normally praised for its crispy skin and they have customers from all over the world including Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. They are pretty famous! 

However, fame and praise didn’t come easily for these ladies as the Loo sisters would often burn the midnight oil to prepare the best tau sar piah for their beloved customers. Here’s their story…


Super early birds 

Arriving at their store at 2am, the Loo sisters work hard to bake tau sar piah before opening their shutters at 6.15am.

Then, by 7am, they are joined by the rest of their staff for a regular eventful day at Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah bakery as they sell the flooding customers their delectable tau sar piah.

Source: Facebook

After that, at 4.30pm or when their tau sar piah goes out of stock, their bakery will end operations for the day until they reopen the next morning.

So much hard work, no wonder their bakery is famous! 


Learning the secret recipe 

Surprisingly, the Loo sisters didn’t always know how to make tau sar piah.

In fact, they learnt the skill 20 years ago by watching their former boss make the famed pastry. They shared that they would watch him in silence and later try to emulate his techniques when the store closes on Sundays.

Source: Facebook 

After many attempts, the ladies eventually succeeded in making the tau sar piah they are famous for today.

Ahh, a classic case of “Practice makes a man perfect”!


For the love of tau sar piah 

Their passion for tau sar piah is evident too, as the Loo sisters draw a monthly salary like their staff instead of holding a share in the business. Yep, they have no shares in the Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah bakery! 

Not only that, one of the sisters hadn’t had the thought of getting married since they started working at the bakery.

Her passion is further proven as she arrives to work on time (at 2am) every day even though she relies on a wheelchair. Mad respect! 

Source: Mothership

She said that her spinal condition can never get in the way of her work because the joy of working is much greater than her pain. So, she hopes to keep making tau sar piah until the day she can no longer make any.

We can all learn a lot from the Loo sisters’ diligence and teamwork. Their tireless dedication and extraordinary passion for their bakery are one-of-a-kind and certainly an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. We hope that they will continue to prosper and remain the best tau sar piah bakery in Singapore. That said, we are definitely proud of the Loo sisters for their amazing achievements!

Godspeed, Loo sisters!


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