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There Were MORE Abandoned Pets Than Adopted Ones in 2020, Here’s What M’sians Should Know


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Source: Rappler & Wikipedia

If you’ve been seeing a lot more domestic animals such as dogs and cats running around your neighbourhood these days, especially ones wearing collars, there’s a high chance you’ve just spotted an abandoned pet.

In just 2020 itself, there has been a spike in the rate of abandoned pets by up to three times more than any other year.

People abandoned their pets for various reasons such as:

1. Financial restraints during MCO


Keeping an animal healthy can be quite costly and this usually becomes the most common problem for pet owners. The price of pet food and healthcare can be quite high, which would put a lot of pressure on the owner’s financial wellbeing.

This is especially for pet owners who are unemployed or in debt during these tough times. When the monetary strain is too much, they just abandon their pets.


2. Fear of viral transmission from their pets

Sick Dog

There was a brief moment when people were paranoid about their pets being able to transmit deadly viruses. Many pet owners decided to either put their pets to sleep or just abandon them out of fear from a possibility to contract the virus, although this was later debunked.


3. Shelters struggling with low funds 

Animal Shelter

Most shelters receive funding from donations, but due to the movement control order and its repercussions, donations were a lot lower this year as people are not donating as actively as before.

People were losing jobs and getting pay cuts, which led them to be more frugal with their money. As a result, some shelters could not afford to keep their animals and were forced to let them go.


4. The pet has undesirable behaviour

Bad Dog

Just like a person, a dog or cat could develop their own personality and behaviour as they grow up. At first, they may seem cute and fun to play with but if they start developing destructive habits or a hostile attitude, they’re more likely to be abandoned. Many pet owners seek ‘the perfect pet’ which is calm, obedient and harmless but when this is not the case, it’s usually a lack of training and patience on the owner’s part.


5. Relocating because of the MCO

Abandoned Dog

There have been people who were forced to relocate back to their home towns or to another location due to MCO or unemployment. Being unable to afford their current lifestyle has not only caused them to abandon their homes, but also their pets. This has left many pets homeless and wandering the streets where their owner used to live.


6. Getting unwanted litters from their pets

Puppy Litter

Not spaying or neutering a pet leads to getting more babies. When puppies or kittens come into the picture, most people don’t know what to do with them. Instead of giving them up for adoption, unfortunately some pet owners abandon them.


Don’t abandon, put them up for adoption

We absolutely do not condone the act of abandoning animals and instead, to put them up for adoption instead. Domesticated dogs and cats don’t really fare well on the streets and in the wild. Throwing them into such an environment would be hazardous for them.

If you are looking to adopt a pet, make sure you are well equipped to take care of them in the long run. Be prepared to spend on healthcare and make time for your furry friend and they will love you for it.


Here’s how you can help

In an effort to help find lost and abandoned furkids a new and caring home, Royal Canin and petfinder.my are offering potential pet owners a starter pack when they adopt one from a rescuer! The starter pack includes:

  • Feeding bowl
  • Kibble measuring cup
  • FREE 30% discount voucher (for redemption on Royal Canin’s Shopee online store, max discount of RM50)
  • Educational guidebooks for pet owners
  • FREE bag of Royal Canin pet food (limited to first  100 redemptions per month)

If you wish to adopt a rescue pet now and get the starter kit, all you have to do is follow these steps:


  1. Go to petfinder.my
  2. Adopt a pet from a qualified rescuer or shelter  (pet profile will indicate starter pack availability
  3. Rescuer will mark pet as adopted and registers adopter’s name and email in pet’s profile
  4. petfinder.my will email adopter the redemption instructions
  5. Complete the online redemption form
  6. Royal Canin will email adopter a 30% Shopee discount voucher. Adopter will need to complete a minimum purchase or RM30 at the Royal Canin Shopee store first
  7. Adopter will need to email or WhatsApp Royal Canin at +60129780366 with Shopee purchase receipt, and they will proceed to deliver the free starter pack to adopter’s address

Once all these steps are done, you’re set to go! Just remember that while owning a pet brings a ton of joy to our lives, they are also a big responsibility. They need your love, care and attention all the time as they are also living, breathing beings with their own personality and feelings.

Petfinder Royal Canin Starter Pack Square Banner

To learn more about Royal Canin and how they tailor nutrition for every pet, head over to their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed on new products and promotions!


As a final reminder: adopt, don’t shop!

Source: Rappler
Source: PETA
Source: Wikipedia

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