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“The future is now!” These 7 Innovative New Gadgets of 2023 are Worth Keeping Tabs On


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Source: Uriel Soberanes & Miriam Alonso

Since the beginning of time, technology has ALWAYS been an essential part of our lives. Long gone are the days of sticks and stones, with smarter technology and more impactful solutions that elevate our lifestyle to another level.

As we move forward into the new year of 2023, here are some of the most forward-thinking gadgets and technology that Malaysians should absolutely watch out for!


1. All-in-one smart home system that works in harmony!

Glox2 Smart Home

Thanks to a new open-sourced connectivity standard, we can soon enjoy a smart home that’s truly interconnected. This smart home standard aims to break down the barriers between brands and operating systems, with over 200 companies like Amazon, Samsung and Google working together to make this a reality! If this really becomes a reality, any smart home products that utilise this standard can be set up hassle-free and will require as few apps as possible to control. No more headaches!


2. Laptops going crazy with their screens

Glox2 Laptop E1675834249206

Laptops are really getting closer to emulating their desktop counterpart, to the extent that some models will even be equipped with dual-screen OLED displays in the future – no need to hog another monitor everywhere you go! 😝 But if you prefer singular displays, they’ll continue to be showered with love as well: one such model comes with dual-mode display, letting you switch between standard mode (4K UHD with 120Hz) for work and binging sessions, and gaming mode (Full HD with 240Hz) for ultra-smooth AAA gaming; while another is installed with glasses-free 3D that’s akin to the Nintendo 3DS, but better and easier on the eyes!


3. “A smart fridge? What could it possibly do?”

Glox2 Fridge

It’s sooooo last year’s news that smart fridges introduced knock-to-view technology (which transparentises the fridge door so you can peruse without opening it) and the ability to make ice with your smartphone. However, we didn’t expect them to come up with LED door panels that change colour to your liking, not to mention a Bluetooth speaker that lets you jam to your favourite tunes while cooking. On top of that, they have built-in sensors that softly light up the panels when you approach the fridge for midnight snacking – no need to fumble around in the dark!

At this rate, our kitchen will be scoring more As in SPM than our own kids lah. 


4. Keep your produce fresh longer without fridging them!

Glox2 Food Keeper

It’s a first-world problem as old as time: how to keep bread, onions and the like fresh if we can’t keep them in the fridge??? Well, this electric-powered fresh food keeper solves that issue with barely any sweat! This innovative breadbox uses a chemical procedure called “photocatalysis” – which removes contamination from water – that’ll extend your bread and perishables’ lifespan. Pretty ons, right?


5. Get daily health check-ups in the … toilet bowl?

Glox2 Toilet

With an increasing number of health-conscious people, this gadget would fit in comfortably with the new era of healthy living. Touted as the first hands-free connected home urine lab“, this pebble-sized device is placed inside your toilet bowl to analyse your urine. You can buy different cartridges that monitor different aspects of your health, including menstrual cycle, and nutrition and hydration levels – and all this info can be synced to your smartphone for easy viewing! Monitoring our health has never been THIS easy.


6. Now literally ANYONE can game!

Glox2 Gaming E1675843008139

It’s pretty wholesome that games are becoming more accessible to differently-abled gamers, like God of War and The Last Of Us. Better yet, there’s a new market of customisable controllers that allow them to play even more games! From remapping buttons for various types of games to mix-and-match analogue sticks according to comfort, it’s an industry that we hope will continue to grow and be more inclusive of everyone!


7. Tobacco Heating Products

Glox2 Bluea

Tobacco Heating Products (THPs) are an alternative to cigarettes as they heat tobacco instead of burning it. THPs like the glo HYPER X2 use advanced heating technology that only HEATS up tobacco, producing less smoke than cigarettes and is more hygienic as there’s no ash produced*.

For comparison sake, the act of burning tobacco with cigarettes actually causes them to release smoke that contains damaging chemicals, resulting from the high burning temperature of over 800°C. What THPs do differently, is that they only HEAT the tobacco up to 350°C, which minimises smoke emission AND reduces the number of contaminants released into the air and lungs*.

On top of that, glo Hyper X2 comes with two usage modes: Standard mode, which gives a more relaxed and calm experience and Boost mode, which increases the temperature for user satisfaction. Glo Hyper X2 also allows two back-to-back consecutive sessions, with up to 20 usages** upon full charge.

*This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance. In comparison to a cigarette when smoked, and of smoke from a scientific standard reference cigarette (approximately 9mg tar) and emissions from gloTM hyper X2, in terms of the average of the 9 harmful components the World Health Organisation recommends to reduce in cigarette smoke.

**when used with Boost mode. Based on a fully charged device and may vary depending on usage behaviour.


The power of technology, in the palm of our hands

Glox2 White Blue

Technology plays arguably THE biggest role in our lives right now, with the power to change our lives in ways that we never thought were possible. No matter how much we speculate or predict what the future holds, we’ll forever be intrigued to see what new innovations come to life before our very eyes.

For those who are interested to find out more about THPs, you can head over here.


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