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Tag Yourself! Which of These 11 Types of Voters During GE15 Are You?


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Source: The Straits Times & 123RF

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You know how at parties or holidays with the family, there’s always that one person who drinks too much and starts giving everyone lectures. Or that one cousin who only cares about the food and doesn’t talk to anyone.

Well, we think there’re also going to be some interesting characters today at the polling stations. So keep and eye out for these 10 types of people during GE15 and see if you or anyone you know fit into any of the descriptions!

1. The early bird

Early Bird


This person will obviously be the first in line at the voting station and trust when we say that they’ll probably be there since 5am. They’ll come super prepared with their foldable stools, snacks, a book or a fully-charged tablet.

As a kid, they were also probably always the first to arrive at your class on the first day of school to “chop seats, or to help their kids “chop” seats.

2. The main character

This person lives their life as if it’s a movie and they’re the main character. From the moment they start researching political parties, a Lana Del Ray’s song will start playing in the background (in their head, at least).

Main Character


Then, when they mark their ballot paper and drop it into the ballot box, they’ll be damn dramatic about it because everyone’s watching them and if they make one mistake, it’s OVER.

How to know if somebody thinks they’re the main character? If you see someone tucking a strand of hair behind their ear or talking to a camera, then that’s them.

3. The Taman Paramount hipsters

Armed with their iced oat milk lattes and film cameras, these cargo pants-wearing youngsters may look like they’re constantly going through their rebellious teenage phases. But that doesn’t mean they don’t care about the country.

Taman Paramountt


This bunch of cool kids have been mocked for their unique sense of style, with jokes about them attacking anyone who wears “basic” clothing such as skinny jeans. However, what’s really going to get you jumped at the back alley is if you NOT voting.

4. The first timer

This person is probably 18 to 25 years old this year and they’ll be very enthusiastic and excited about being able to go down to the voting stations and take part in such a crucial day in Malaysia’s history.

First Tmer


They might not seem like it, but once they cast their vote and get back their phones, they’ll sure take a photo of their inked-finger and post it on their social media, or at least just to remember the day.

5. The “angmoh” one

This person probably studied, worked or lived abroad for a number of years and is finally returning to their homeland.

If the first time voter is subtle about their excitement, the overseas returnee is the complete opposite. They are EXCITED and they are not afraid to show it, especially after spending probably at least a thousand ringgit on flight tickets just to come back and vote.

Hot Sun


They’ve probably voted before, through postal votes, but nothing will beat the adrenaline of queuing for hours under the hot sun with fellow Malaysians in hopes of changing the country’s future for the better.

6. The veteran

Examples of this person are our parents, the food court aunty, the Grab uncle and our teachers. They may appear jaded and hesitant to vote after so many elections that didn’t result in any significant changes.



But as Election Day approaches, they’ll change their mind and you’ll start receiving more WhatsApp messages telling you how to check your voting place.

Then, on voting day, you’ll see them in queue chatting up other uncles and aunties as if they’ve known each other forever. Social anxiety just left the chat.

7. The “too free” one

You may know this person or a few of this person and say that they are “too free”. Why waste time doing unpaid work? But without them, who would keep the snakes in check?!

Too Free


So, if you are still free and your friend previously ajak you to go volunteer at a voting station, say “yes” and go make it a friends’ outing or something! You’ll remember the experience for life and it’ll be a good story to tell when you’re old and wrinkly.

8. The always complain one



This person will never stop complaining and will get easily annoyed by everything. Line’s too long at the voting place? They’ll complain. Sun too hot? They’ll complain that they are going to pass out. Volunteers take a break and drink water? They’ll complain that they are working too slowly. Don’t know who to vote for? They’ll also complain. 

So, we suggest bringing some earphones with you if you don’t want to end up complaining about this person.

9. The kecoh one

Vote For Pizza Cute


This person is the mak cik bawangs and the people who can’t keep a secret to save their lives. They’ll happily announce to everyone the candidate they’re voting for and then try to convince everyone to vote for the same person.

If you are queueing and this person starts preaching to you about why you should vote for their favourite candidate, just nod and smile lah. Don’t fight back and actually cause kecoh.

10. The kepoh one



This person is also “too free” but instead of volunteering, they’re fill up their time being kepoh. After voting, they’ll linger around the voting station and ask anyone who passes by, “How was it?!”

Then, if anything were to happen on voting day, they’ll probably be the first person to take photos or videos of it and upload them online in hopes that they’ll go viral and they’ll get their five seconds of fame.

And because you can’t be kepoh without caring about the poll results, this person will gather his friends at the mamak at night to wait for the results’ announcement. Kinda wholesome if you ask us.

11. The paranoid one



This person, like the early birds will arrive early at the voting station. But make no mistake, they didn’t arrive early so that they can leave early.

In fact, they’ll probably be one of the last people to leave because they want to make sure none of that GE14 blackout nonsense happens again. But if it does, rest assure that they’ll be prepared because they’ll probably have a power generator in their car boot.

They’re so worried about making sure that their vote is counted that they would arrive at their allocated times, mark the cross in air a few times before actually doing it on their ballot paper and stay back to watch the ballot papers being counted. 


Did you notice any other interesting people at your polling stations today?


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