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If You are Still Not Streaming Your Music, Then You Need to Read This


[Test] If You Are Still Not Streaming Your Music, Then You Should Read This - World Of Buzz
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In this day and age, more and more Malaysians are choosing  Spotify, Apple Music, JOOX, KKBOX and many other streaming platforms to listen to their favourite tunes. I mean, a study done by McKinsey predicts a 15% growth of digital music users in Asia every year man! With these apps, you can listen to music whenever and wherever! At home, at work or even in your car!

Unfortunately, there are still a handful of Malaysians out there who are still in the habit of downloading music illegally or buying pirated CDs and DVDs. Tsk tsk! If you’re one of those, shame on you!

So, why is it so important that Malaysians are making this drastic change to stream music? Well, just read on!

1. First and foremost, because TRUE FANS support their artists

Can you imagine the irony when someone says they love this particular artist/band and yet they pirate their songs? Where is the support for their career and livelihood lah?!

[Test] Here's Why Malaysians Are Moving Towards Streaming Songs For Their Daily Dose Of Music - World Of Buzz

Imagine all that hard work the artists and teams have done, only to be stolen by the fans themselves. No shame meh?! Not only is it illegal, the artists won’t even get any remuneration for the good music they’ve passionately created. How to even sustain themselves and create more amazing music like that?


2. Let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time to download songs ONE BY ONE

Can you imagine going through the hard work of searching for good quality songs on illegal sites and then having to re-download them again because it was a corrupted file?

Here's Why Malaysians Are Moving Towards Streaming Songs For Their Daily Dose Of Music - World Of Buzz 3

Not to mention, doing so is a disgrace and can potentially harm your precious laptop with all the viruses attached!


3. Plus, we are not ‘jakun’ anymore

Remember those days where we’d always run out of phone memory because of the large music files we saved? Ah, the good ol’ days. *Sarcasm please*

Nowadays, everyone would just stream their music from their phones, laptops or car loh! Get with the future ma!

If you have friends who still don’t stream, tell them this:

[Test] Here's Why Malaysians Are Moving Towards Streaming Songs For Their Daily Dose Of Music - World Of Buzz 1


4. Despite what most people believe, it’s actually cheaper or free of charge

 Bridesmaids Sure Rebel Wilson Free Food Its Free Gif

There’s a lot of misconception that streaming platforms are expensive. On the contrary, they are often free, if not, cost very little. For the small price you’re paying, you get to listen to a VAST selection, so why bother risking viruses or going through the hassle of downloading illegally??? Seriously, you can practically find any song while streaming, old AND new!


5. It’s all about those playlists man!

 Excited Internet Computer Apple Laptop Gif

From playlists like Disney Love Songs (admit it, you have this playlist), Feel Good Music, to Fast & Furious Driving tracks, and Workout Playlists, the possibilities are endless! The convenience is too amazing because, seriously, who has the time to search and then load one song at a time? You can even come up with a soundtrack for your life and have all your favourite songs saved in one place and play them with just a click of the button. #Goals

If you want the latest and hottest tunes, you can check out Getmusic Malaysia’s playlist ‘POWER PICKS! Here’s the linkYou’re welcome!


6. You get to stalk what your friends, family members, cousins, in-laws and favourite celebrities are listening to

Here's Why Malaysians Are Moving Towards Streaming Songs For Their Daily Dose Of Music - World Of Buzz 1

You get to stream and listen to their playlists too! Sometimes, you may even find out that they’ve been listening to your tracks, because you obviously have the best taste in music among your peers. 😉


7. The beauty that is listening to your favourite tunes OFFLINE!

[Test] Here's Why Malaysians Are Now Streaming Their Music, Are You One Of Them? - World Of Buzz

Streaming platforms allow its users to save and download songs/playlists directly to their phones or computers too. That means you’ll be able to bust a move to your tunes even when you have no data. This is especially useful when you’re travelling on a plane/train. Trust me, I’d know 😉


8. Of course, better audio quality plus, you don’t have to (potentially) go to jail

 Dancing Logan Lerman Perks Of Being A Wallflower Movie Scene Listening To Music Gif

If you love music then you’ll understand the pain of listening to songs with bad audio quality. It’s torture! Also, you could even face a hefty fine or be sent to prison for merely downloading pirated music. Don’t play play.


9. The endless benefits that come with it!

Seriously, whoever doesn’t use a streaming platform obviously doesn’t know what their missing out on:

  • Discover new music just by a few clicks of the button
  • Have collaborative playlists that can be edited by your family & friends
  • MUSIC ON DEMAND at any time!

Reactions Nice Thumbs Up Great Good Job Gif

As more and more Malaysians know the beauty and importance of streaming music, it’s no wonder we’re making that move to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Joox, KKBOX, Yonder and more.

Don’t tertinggalan zaman and still be the only one downloading music illegally or purchasing pirated CDs and DVDs man. If you still are, hide your face under that rock you still live in!

Additionally, you can always keep yourself updated with all the brand new and hottest tunes from Getmusic Malaysia’s playlist!

[Test] If You Are Still Not Streaming Your Music, Then You Need To Read This - World Of Buzz 2

Support your favourite artists and bands, and let’s continue to curb piracy and illegal downloads in Malaysia and practice ethical music consumption!

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