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South Korean Cult Brainwash Australian Women to be ‘Spiritual Brides’



South Korean Cult Brainwashed Australian Women to be 'Spiritual Brides' for Their Leader. - World Of Buzz

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A South Korean cult has been brainwashing young Australian women into having sex with their leader who’s a convicted spiritual rapist.

They will be using modelling classes and bible schools as fronts into luring these women.

Members of the infamous Korean cult Jesus Morning Star (JMS) are believed to have been trawling through shopping centres and universities, looking for recruits in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, reports Daily Mail.

Sounds like all the stranger danger stories our parents told us, but with a cult-twist.

Cult leader Jung Myung Seok Credit: en.wikipedia.org

The founder of the quasi-Christian sect also known as Providence, Jung Myung-seok, is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence in Seoul for raping and molesting his followers. He is due to walk free in 2017.

What’s even crazier is that the cult’s followers have been preparing young women to ‘serve’ their convicted leader once he’s released. One such women has managed to escape.

Elizabeth, a member of JMS for 18 months Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Elizabeth, who chose not to give her full name for fear of reprisal, was a member of JMS’s Canberra faction for 18 months before escaping to tell her horrendous ordeal. She recounted to Daily Mail how she was recruited:

“I was shopping inside the Canberra Centre in April 2011. A Korean women came over and said she was holding a Christian art show. It looked good so I thought I would check it out,” she said.

After, she met the group’s local leader and was so moved, she moved in with them. That’s when they started brainwashing her. She was subjected to the indoctrination process, which included sleep deprivation and a restricted diet. 

Elizabeth with other members of JMS Credit: dailymail.co.uk

“We had to wake up at 3am everyday to pray because they said this brought us closer to God. It’s a mind control technique: when you’re deprived of sleep you can’t critically think,”

Jung was portrayed as a ‘Messianic’ leader, a living deity who had been falsely accused and persecuted like Jesus Christ.

“They encouraged us to write letters to him like he was our lover. He wrote sexually explicit replies saying things like ‘your white skin arouses me’ or ‘your vagina would look pretty”

Elizabeth must’ve caught the attention of Jung, for the group soon flew her to Seoul to visit him in Daejon prison to meet the Jung himself, locked up in 2009 on charges of rape and molestation.

“I spent 15 minutes with him and three other members. He blew kisses at us and knew all our names and how we looked from photos in his cell. It was very surreal.” she said.

Elizabeth in South Korea in 2011, visiting Jung in prison Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Elizabeth moved up the ranks, and was told to recruit members by telling them, ‘you look pretty, have you thought of being a model?’ before inviting them to ‘fashion classes’, a front the cult used.

After months of sleep deprivation and regulated eating, she was hospitalised with an eating disorder in 2012.

Elizabeth called it a “blessing in disguise”.

“It was a devastating realisation to learn the truth. I was left mentally and physically broken.”

Members were recruited through fronts of modelling  Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Another woman has come forward, and wishing not to be named, said she was recruited in early 2014 inside the University of Melbourne! It’s believed that the cult is still actively recruiting young girls.

“They asked me to fill out a survey about the class we were in. It seemed friendly enough, so I agreed to meet for one of their classes.” 

JMS is belived to be still recruiting in The University of Melbourne Credit: educationbrochures.com

She said girls were pressured to dress up for Jung and were barred from talking to the opposite sex so as to be ‘spiritual brides’ for Jung.

Jung is due to be released next year, and from what the above suggests, it looks like he shows no signs of rehabilitation.

Also, seriously, guys if you have anyone going to The University of Melbourne or other Australian universities, signal boost this to them!!! Save a man from this creepy cult.

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