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Shocking: Students in PRIMARY SCHOOL Bullies One Kid And Records Video


Bully Malaysia

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A video was posted to Sukan Star TV by Nor Haliza about a bully case that happened in a primary school.

Ms Haliza was a close relative of the bullying victim. She mentions that the video was retrieved from one of the bullies which are only aged 10-12 years old! She added that this wasn’t the first incident and bullying in the school’s Surau has happened numerous times before.

Haliza pointed out that the victim kept his mouth shut and did not fight back even though he was getting kicked from the back. These bullies apparently asked the victim for pocket money everyday and if the poor boy didn’t give them any, he would be beaten up. The victim was even threatened to keep his mouth shut or else he would get beaten some more.

In the video, you can see the poor kid being hit and kicked while he sat there motionless, too frightened to move.

Haliza also hopes that the video would become viral as to spread awareness to teachers and parents on the behaviour or situation of their own kids in school.

Netizens who viewed this video expressed their disappointment on these kids who acted like a samseng at such a young age. Some even mentioning that teachers and parents are to blame for the poor discipline.

Watch the video here:




The Original post by Haliza is as below:

“Sebelum ni sy asyik melihat video2 buli org lain. Tak sangka harini terjadi pd saudara terdekat sy,darah daging sy sendiri.. ni bukan video palsu. Original diambil drpd salah seorang drpd mereka yg membuli.

Bdak2 sekolah kebangsaan panchor jereteh besut terengganu. Hanya berusia dr 10-12thun.. dan utk pengetahuan bukan satu kali ni je blaku pd mangsa. Lokasi biasa adalah di surau sekolah.. Mentang2 mangsa berdiam. Korang main buli sepak terajang. Setiap hari mintak duit dr si mangsa. Kalo x bg, kene pukul. Stiap hari kene ugut suruh jgn bgtau sesiapa kalo x kene pukul.

Patotla manga sejak darjah 4,5 dulu asyik mintak tukar sekolah. Tp xmampu nk cakap sbb apa nk tukar sekolah. Hati ayah dan ibu mana tak terasa tgk anak kesayangan dipukul disepak. Selama ni mangsa g skolah dgn ketakutan. Nk bgtau kt parents tp xberani. Pernah sekali mangsa mengadu pd ibu dan ibu mengadu pd salah sorg guru sekolah ttpi hanya dipandang ringan. Sebaliknya mangsa dipukul oleh pembuli kerana bertindak membocorkan rahsia.

Cikgu skrg bnda blaku kt sekolah pon xamek pusing. Sedangkan bdak2 sekolah rendah je.. pelik.. Harap sukan star tv dpt viralkn spaya bdak2 samseng taik kucing xcari mangsa lain. Dan supaya parents dan ckgu2 skolah ni sedar apa blaku kt anak didik diorang ni.”

H/T: Sukan Star TV

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