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Shocking Number of Chinese Students Escape Heat by Heading to the Library



How the Library is Literally Saving Lives in the Summer in China - World Of Buzz

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With temperatures soaring to a sweltering 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, students at the Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics are complaining that their dorm rooms are inhabitable due to the heat and lack of air-conditioning. It’s not an uncommon sight to see Malaysian students do the same thing, but the students never amounted to these crazy numbers!

Facing no other options, the Chinese students have flocked to the main library, which is equipped with central air-conditioning that blasts nice chilly temperatures. According to NetEase, the hoards of sweaty students were so great that they managed to accidentally break a security alarm

Credit: NetEase

The university says that with searing temperatures and up-coming exams, there is a shortage of chairs available in the library.

You can imagine just how vicious the fights will be amongst students in order to protect their sacred chair.

In order to strive for order under chaos, the library has stated that:

1) Before the library opens each day, students must queue up. More staff will be dispatched to maintain order.
2) More desks and chairs will be provided for students.
3) Students should remember to take their personal belongings with them before they leave.
4) The library’s opening hours will be extended.

Credit: NetEase

Credit: NetEase

While most people are shocked at the vast amounts of people flocking to one building, some netizens have found much amusement with such news, while others are sympathize for the students:

“Attention, candidates for the College Entrance Examination! Remember to apply for universities with air-conditioners; otherwise, you will be on the news next year!” one joked.

“Shouldn’t students discuss installing air-conditioners with the university? Even primary and secondary schools have air-conditioners installed, poor students!” another wrote.

So, cool kids (pun totally intended) do hang out in the library.

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