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SG Makcik Scolds & Records Indonesian Women Eating In Public During Ramadhan



Source: Facebook

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Despite the incident not happening in Malaysia, it suffices to say that netizens everywhere have something to say about the video.

On 3 May, a video went viral all over social media whereby a woman was seen scolding another group of women for eating during the month of Ramadhan. Not only that, the woman was chastising the group of women for eating at a Chinese establishment.

“You’re embarassing all Muslims! You’re even wearing tudungs!”

One of the women retaliated by saying that she follows the Al-Quran which doesn’t force anyone to fast. However, the woman recording fought back saying that no such rule exists and everyone is required to fast.

Now, interestingly about the video, the reactions across Facebook and Twitter were vastly different. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the incident happened in Singapore and the women eating were allegedly Indonesians. While on Facebook, a majority of netizens condemned those women eating at the establishment and they even called for the Religious Department to take some sort of actions against them.

“Is this heresy? You’re eating calmly at a Chinese shop in broad daylight? Should just call the religious department one shot and take these people away!”

However, over on Twitter, the situation was different with netizens claiming that the woman had no rights to record those other women eating and that it’s frankly not even her business.

“This makcik really had the audacity to say these women “embarass Muslims” when she proceeded to be embarrassing and make a fool out of herself……. makcik this is not the right way to preach!”

WORLD OF BUZZ reached out to one of the commenters who said that it wasn’t even necessary for the woman to record them. He even added that in the Al-Quran, it is said to invite people to the path of your Lord with wisdom and kind advice.

The commenter also added that since the incident happened in Singapore, there are no laws against Muslims eating in public during Ramadhan. However, sharing a message from his Singaporean friend, the commenter said that his friend believes most people are angry at the women eating at a non-halal Chinese shop.

“If they don’t want to fast, it’s completely up to them but the prawn mee they’re eating is made of pork bones as far as I know.”

Which side of the discourse are you on? Let us know in the comments section!


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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