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Scammers Are Allegedly Selling Photos of PS5 On eBay & Buyers Are Bidding Over RM330,000



Source: eBay

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The PlayStation 5 has been released for sale and many gaming enthusiasts are wasting no time in getting their hands on it. Some have camped outside stores to ensure that they get first dibs on Sony’s latest gaming console while others have placed their orders online.

But with anything that’s purchased online, there’s always the risk of getting fooled by sellers’ very enticing ads and attractive deals. Only gullible buyers will fall for such scams which is a very concerning issue when it comes to online businesses.

eBay sellers are apparently selling PHOTOS of PlayStation 5 and have explicitly stated they are only photos and not the real deal. Nevertheless, people are still bidding for them, with one listing’s current bid amounting to GBP 61,100 (RM331,777.412)!

The listing titled “Photo of a PS5 and lolipop” states that the condition of the item is “new”, with a small note at the bottom of the page that says:

“Note you will receive a photo of a ps5 and a lolipop. Will be posted special delivery.”

They even placed a photo of the ‘lollipop’ they were selling.

However, this isn’t the only listing on eBay that’s selling photos of PS5.

The bid for a “Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 1TB Console – White (PHOTO)” is currently at GBP 550.00 (RM2,986.54) with a product description that looks legit.

But like the other listing, a small note at the bottom says:

A third similar posting also ‘promises’ a photo of a PS5 at AU $106.00 (RM 319.09) with a note that says:

“Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Edition – Photo. Condition is “New”. Sent with Australia Post Standard.”

“This item is not a PlayStation 5. It is a photograph and will be printed on high quality A4 photo paper. Good luck bidding.”

These are just a few of the listings found on eBay that are selling photos of PS5 for outrageous prices.

Some of the listings are quite obviously being ruined by outrageously high fake bids, presumably in an attempt to block any potential sale. Others, though, have worryingly realistic bids attached.

According to EuroGamer, eBay has since issued a statement on the matter, saying that they are working towards taking down these listings from their site and to take actions against scammers.

“We condemn these opportunistic sellers who are attempting to mislead other users,” eBay said in its statement.

“We are in the process of removing all listings for photos of PS5s from our marketplace and will be taking appropriate action against the sellers.”

“For any purchase, but especially highly-priced or in-demand items, buyers should exercise caution and thoroughly read the listing description.”

“Buyers who receive an item which is not as described are entitled to a refund via our eBay Money Back Guarantee, provided they completed the transaction on the eBay platform.”

When purchasing anything online, please do your research on the seller and read reviews on the product before making your payment. Any item sold online can be made to seem like the real thing which calls for buyers to be more vigilant while making online purchases.


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Source: eBay
Source: eBay
Source: eBay
Source: eBay

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