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Russian Woman in Malaysia Says a Man Needs to Earn Only RM2.3k Monthly to Marry a Russian Woman


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Source: TikTok | spstreetstory

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Ladies, how much should a man make a month to date and marry you? Is there an ideal figure in your mind? 

Even if your answer goes up to 5 figures, there’s nothing wrong with that. Every one of us deserves to live life the way we want, with who we desire. In a recent street interview by @spstreetstory, a Russian girl in Malaysia was asked what was the ideal figure for a Russian woman to “green light” a man.

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Her answer is probably the dream of many men who need assurance and support.

“It doesn’t matter how much a man makes, as long as we can pay the cost expenses.”

The Russian woman then came up with a figure – USD500 (approximately RM2,353.49)!

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According to her, in Russian tradition, the married man has to give some of his earnings to his parents-in-law. The amount, however, is of individual preference and according to her, it can be around USD200 (approximately RM941.40). Well, after converting, it’s still a lot for the in-laws, depending on how much we make a month.

What about the cost of the wedding?

The Russian woman revealed that it’s mostly paid by the man but here’s the good news. You don’t need to go big or go home. A grand wedding is not that important but of course, if you can afford it, why not?

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“I have a friend. Her husband paid for the wedding but it was a small one. Only family and very close friends. It was only around USD700 (approximately RM3,295).”

As you may have expected, the couple spent more on their honeymoon trip. Doesn’t that sound like an ideal planning? Regardless, there’s no right and wrong when it comes to your big day. Each to their own as long as you don’t end up in debt.


How much money does a man need to marry a Russian woman?..

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Do we have any Russian friends here? What do you think of her take when it comes to how much your man makes? Ladies, what do you think?


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