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Crazy Ripped Clothing is Hottest New Fashion Trend



This Crazy Overly-Ripped Clothing Trend is Back in Style! - World Of Buzz 1

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Fashion is an endless cycle. New trends become hot overnight, causing old trends to ‘hibernate’ for years before reappearing on social media. This was exactly what happened to the “latest” trend of ripped clothing.

Apparently, the torn clothes trend is making its way back to fashion after many celebrities were spotted wearing clothes with noticeable signs of wear and tear. 

Looks like Lady Gaga is absolutely ‘gaga’ over ripped jeans!

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian were also seen rocking this trend too!

In case you didn’t know, this trend first started in the 1990’s. Now that it’s back in the game, there has been a huge surge in demand for clothes following this trend within these past few months. 

We can admit the trend can look cool with the right amount of rips and tears, but some of these are just too much!

What’s so special about these clothes, anyway?

Well, according to an image consultant, Christie Ressel as reported by Global News,

“You get that same soft, comfortable fabric and luxury appeal with something that’s got maybe more strategically placed holes…It’s got a little bit more refinement to it.”

This lady has definitely jumped on the ripped clothes bandwagon but probably took it a little too far…

Is it just us or does she look like she just got attacked by a wild animal on her way to the cafe?

Despite having less fabric, the price for one of these trendy clothes definitely don’t come cheap! What a rip-off!

Source: Elite Reader

For instance, the ripped shirt above from the high-end fashion house Balmain costs $1,629 (RM7,084). The upside is that the expensive price might just burn another few holes on your jeans. More swag, right?

Netizens commented how this fashion just look like beggar’s clothing and joked that they can probably find the same designs in the back of their closets!

What do you think? Rockin’ this style or is it a pass?

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