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These Puppy Mills Force Dogs to Live in Tiny Cages and Mate All Day & Night



Dogs at These Puppy Mills Are Forced to Live in Tiny Cages and Mate All Day & Night - WORLD OF BUZZ
Left image for illustration purposes only | Source: Care Like I Do and Daily Mail

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Puppy mills have always been under scrutiny because of its notorious background. Thus, their every move will be watched by the hawk-eyed authorities and NGOs. You can bet that they will be exposed at any cost if they were to commit an offence.

For instance, just recently, PETA Asia had exposed several mills in China that abused purebred dogs, as reported by Daily Mail.

According to their reports, a mill in Shanghai, China had kept their dogs in dark rooms that prevented visitors from seeing what was going on inside. Also, at another puppy mill in the Guangdong Province, southern China, a male French bulldog named Nutmeg, had been severely abused up to a point that he is now limping.

A video of Nutmeg was recorded as proof. Poor dog! Watch it here:

[arve url=”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5381485/Inside-Chinas-horrifying-underground-puppy-mill.html#v-4238441605970939063″ /]

Source: Daily Mail UK

According to their investigator, the poor little thing is suffering from severe hip dysplasia. FYI, this isn’t the first time a dog had suffered severe physical illness in a puppy mill. 

However, if this condition is left untreated, it could very well lead to crippling, lameness or painful arthritis.

According to PETA, all the pictures and videos were taken when they sent an undercover researcher who had visited 13 dog breeding farms in Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong Provinces. One of their spokespersons further explained that the 13 places visited had apparently met China’s national hygiene standards for dog breeders. Well, based on these pictures they don’t seem that clean! 

Furthermore, the investigator added that the dogs in these mills were very malnourished. On top of that, the person claimed that these dogs were sticking their noses through the cage wires in efforts to escape the stench of their own faeces. Poor thing! 

The PETA spokesperson also explained that purebred dogs were often forced to mate all day and night, and female dogs would be forced to give birth to two litters of puppies every year. Giving birth once a year can physically weaken the dog but imagine giving birth twice a year. Pity them!  

PETA Asia explained that the investigation took place in accordance with the upcoming CNY celebration. Since this year would be the year of the dog, they wanted to reveal the harsh realities of these animals’ living conditions.

It’s rather unfortunate that these puppy mills exist not only in China, but all around the world too, and that includes Malaysia!

However, it is surprising to see that a ban on this industry has not been implemented yet, besides the current ban that is in practice in California, USA. Hence, until a ban is implemented, we should not buy our furry companion; instead, we should adopt them. Don’t shop, adopt!


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