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Police: Malaysians Who Gamble During Chinese New Year Will Be Locked Up



Police: Malaysians Who Gamble Regardless Of The Amount During CNY Will Be Locked Up - World Of Buzz 1
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Chinese New Year is the time of the year where family and relatives get together. And while the little ones are watching televisions, the adults will be having their own therapy sessions a.k.a gambling.

Mahjung, Blackjack (21 points), In Between, and Baccarat (9 points) are some of the most popular ones being played by Malaysian Chinese. Our friendly card game session is the perfect time for relatives and friends to bond over.

However, Bukit Aman’s Special Task Force for Anti-Vice, Gambling and Gangsterism (STAGG) has announced that no gambling is allowed during the festive season. The police has made it clear that anyone who is found gambling will be heading straight to the lock-up.

Is it okay if I just gamble RM1?

Sorry guys, Bukit Aman STAGG has issued an order to all state police to be on look out for gambling activities as they want to ensure Malaysians stay away from gambling.

The authorities is carrying out ‘Ops Limau’ from 15th January to 11th February to bust anyone that’s caught gambling – even in your own home.

Just so you know, any form of gambling in Malaysia outside licensed premises is illegal!

Regardless of the amount being gambled, anyone who even remotely gamble will be nabbed and put into lock-up.

In an interview with China Press, an officer mentions,

“We understand that the Chinese play cards, mahjong and other games during Chinese New Year. And it’s usually at your own home, with small amounts of money as bets just to bond with friends and family.

“But law is law. If the police finds any form of gambling, especially with money, then you will be caught.”

Those who were caught gambling will be charged under Betting Act of 1953 which carries the penalty of fine not less than RM 5,000 or jail time not more than 6 months upon conviction.

So guys, instead of gambling, just watch Netflix and chill lah.

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