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This Playboy Supermodel Only Dates Asian Guys And Finds Them Very Attractive!



A Playboy Supermodel With A Thing For Asian Guys? YASS! - World Of Buzz 5

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Don’t Hamsap!

But a Playmate by the name of Holly Wolf claims to exclusively date Asian guys! Naturally, this ‘piqued’ my interest and made that setan SMK boy inside of me very happy lah!

yas praise hallelujah yas queen four

But first, a little back story! The 27 year-old bombshell who makes frequent appearances in Playboy magazines around the world makes her living off of cosplaying, modeling and video gaming! She also has a Patreon campaign ongoing with some special perks for high paying contributors!

Source: hollywolf.ca

Of course the most intelligent of you guys, myself included, would probably say that one defining bit of info on her is the racial preference of hers! Some comments did theorize that she probably grew up in a predominantly Asian community, but she actually grew up in a white neighborhood!

what confused tom cruise huh wut

In a tell-all interview with NextShark, Wolf shares her story on her exclusively Asian dating life and how she came to be that way!

“I grew up in an area called Halton Hills in Orangeville. It’s about an hour and a half north of Toronto.” said Wolf

“It was a very suburban white area. There were no kids of color when I went to school. I think I saw my first black kid when I was 15.

“I dated the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white super jocks in school growing up. My first boyfriend was your typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed rugby player. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of like, ugh, terrible. I was just like, ‘Ew, my high school self. Gross.’”

A Playboy Supermodel With A Thing For Asian Guys? YASS! - World Of Buzz 3

Source: hollywolf.ca

So yeah, she’s probably curious about other races as she grew up around White kids, but why Asians? Why not Blacks or Latinos? Well after an intro to Japanese culture class she was intrigued but it wasn’t till her then-boyfriend (who’s White) who took the liberty to introduce Holly to K-Pop!

“He took me down to his basement and he put on Girls Generation for me.” Wolf recounted.

“I was like, ‘What is this magic? This is amazing.’ Then I just found Big Bang and 2NE1 and all these other huge K-Pop groups. I was just obsessed with watching all these videos. It just kind of blew my mind.”

A Playboy Supermodel With A Thing For Asian Guys? YASS! - World Of Buzz 6

Source: hollywolf.ca

After graduation is when the shift happened and Holly has since been exclusively dating Asian men!

“I went to school for dance and musical theater. I love dancers. I’ve always had such an affection towards dancers and artistic types. Seeing music videos where the dancing was just amazing and out of control, I think that was so great.

“I continued to watch stuff like Big Bang. Then I dated a few Asian dancer friends of mine, and then it kind of just all went from there. I solely find [Asians] just much more attractive. It was just a weird, slow switch.”

Source: hollywolf.ca

So how have people reacted? Some not too well, honestly! Especially when that person isn’t Asian and tries to court her!

“Sometimes people are too persistent, and I will literally have to just say, ‘Look, you’re not my type. I like Asian guys, don’t even try. I don’t even find you remotely attractive.’ They get so angry at me. So angry. Then they’d bring up the whole tiny penis thing. Then I’d be like, ‘First of all, do you think I have a giant vagina? What’s wrong with you? That’s rude. Secondly, no, they’re not all like that. Go away, you asshole.’”

Source: hollywolf.ca

Ouch! Of course they brought size up! She also shared on the story with her current boyfriend, an ethnic Filipino!

“When we first met, he didn’t think anything of me, because he’s like, ‘Oh, it’s probably another European girl who doesn’t like Asian boys.’ That’s very typical there. White girls in the Philippines, they’re not really about it.

“I wasn’t really into him really because we were introduced and he said, ‘Hi’. I’m like, ‘Oh, you play basketball. I don’t like sports. Do you watch anime? Do you play video games? Come on.’ He said he was Canadian, so that’s why we kept talking, because it was nice to talk to someone who’s from Canada, and it stemmed from there.”

A Playboy Supermodel With A Thing For Asian Guys? YASS! - World Of Buzz 4

She closed the interview with a piece of dating advice for Asian guys out there so listen up!

“When going out with your friends, focus on having a good time. When guys go out purely to get girls, girls can sense it and it’s a bit of a turn off. Guys need to get over that whole aspect and go out to have a good time. Meet people, but don’t be so focused on [getting girls], because it will affect you negatively as opposed to just being confident in yourself and eventually finding someone who is good for you. I feel like people that force relationships will never end well.”

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