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Planning a Trip to Japan? Here Are 6 Gems In and Nearby Tokyo You CAN’T Miss!


Planning A Trip To Japan? Here Are Gems In And Nearby Tokyo You Can'T Miss! - World Of Buzz
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From amazing skyscrapers illuminated by neon lights to the grace of straw tatami mats in a ryokan, Tokyo is where the past and future merge seamlessly together. No wonder then Tokyo is one of the world’s top tourist destination and it seems most of you are planning a trip there too seeing how it is one of the most searched places to visit by Malaysians late last year.

Tokyo is also one of the most expensive cities in the world but worry not as we know a way for you to super jimat while you’re there:

  • Save A LOT of money by purchasing a railway pass like Tobu Railways’ Nikko Pass All-Area.
  • This travel pass is exclusive for tourists and makes sightseeing places like Asakusa and Nikko easily accessible
  • Receive special discounts for tourist facilities, transportation, souvenirs and food!

With the Nikko Pass All-Area, you can visit these amazing gems throughout Nikko, Asakusa and Tokyo without forking any extra ringgits. And boy these places sure will make your Instagram buddies super jealous ;P


Sightseeing Places in Nikko

1. Take a cruise across Chuzenji Lake


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Chuzenji lake is a breathtaking lake in the mountains above the town of Nikko. It is located at the foot of Mount Nantai, a sacred volcano which its eruption 20,000 years ago is what created this mesmerizing lake.

What to expect: 

  • A magnificent lake with the backdrop of the mystical Mount Nantai. It almost looks surreal!
  • Take a calming cruise across the Chuzenji lake through sightseeing spots like Shobugahama and Chuzenji Temple
  • The usual fare for the cruise is RM50, but it’s free if you have the Nikko Pass All-Area!


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2. Take the ropeway to the top of Akechidaira Plateau 

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Located at the peak of Nikko Daini Irohazaka Route, you can take a ropeway to an observation deck to enjoy a mesmerizing view of the Kegon Falls, Lake Chuzenji and Mt. Nantaisan.

What to expect: 

  • This is a popular autumn colour spot as you can observe fall colours spread across the landscape
  • There are highlights for the other seasons as well such as the Rhododendron flowers in spring, deep greens in summer and beautiful snow with blue sky in winter
  • It costs RM27 for a return ticket for the ropeway, but if you have the Nikko Pass All-Area, it’s free!



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3. Take a stroll through nature in Kanmangafuchi 

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Formed by an eruption of the nearby Mount Nantai, Kanmangafuchi is a narrow valley a few hundred metres long.

What to expect:

  • Take a pleasant riverside walking trail through the beauty of nature
  • There are a row of ancient 70 stone statues of Jizo, a Buddhist figure who cares for the deceased


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Attractions in Asakusa and Tokyo

1. Enjoy a 360° city view at the top of Tokyo Skytree

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The tallest tower in the world, Tokyo Skytree’s designs are based on a fusion of neo-futuristic and traditional Japanese architectural principles.

What to expect: 

  • There are two observation decks which offer a spectacular 360° view of Tokyo
  • There are also a large shopping mall and aquarium at its base


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2. Take the Rickshaw in Asakusa

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Enjoy riding this traditional Japanese rickshaw around Asakusa, a historic district within Tokyo that houses many ancient temples and shrines.

What to expect:

  • These little black, 2-wheeled vehicles with bright red-blankets can be found all around the old district of Asakusa
  • The rickshaw itself is actually invented by the Japanese in the 19th century, the word rickshaw is derived from the Japanese ‘Rikisha’ which means ‘vehicle powered by human’
  • Currently, Asakusa is the only place where these rickshaws are allowed to operate in Tokyo


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3. Go shopping at Tobu Ikebukuro

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What’s travelling without a bit of shopping right? And nowhere is better to shop in Tokyo than at Tobu Ikebukuro in Toshima, Tokyo.

What to expect: 

  • From international fashion big names to tiny Japanese boutique, there’s something for everyone here
  • The basement floor features upscale supermarkets, wine shops and confectionaries
  • There are also over 20 restaurants serving a variety of dishes from all over the world


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Well, just seeing these places makes us want to hop on the next plane to Tokyo! And to think that all of these are easily accessible without having to worry about spending extra makes it even more salivating!

So, if you’re planning for that amazing Japanese adventure in Nikko and Asakusa, don’t forget to use Tobu Railways’ Nikko Pass All-Area for the best carefree travel experience.

Especially since it has free passes to gems you can visit in and around Tokyo!

Kay lah, I book my flight ticket first! To find out more about the Nikko Pass and it’s unbelievable discounts and benefits, click here


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