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“One more episode…” 8 Stages Of Binge Watching TV Shows Every M’sian Can Confirm Relate To


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One of the greatest inventions of media technology is that we are now able to watch a variety of shows from anywhere across the world! Apart from supporting local Malaysian dramas, we can also enjoy other shows like witty American sitcoms or the ever-so-trendy Korean dramas. As a result, this has also introduced us to a new favourite hobby: binge-watching TV shows!

ICYMI, binge-watching refers to the act of getting completely engrossed in a series that you momentarily forget how to function like a normal human being and spend every waking moment marathon-ing the show. Sounds familiar?

Read on to find out the different stages of binge-watching a show which we’re sure most Malaysians can definitely relate to! This article may or may not be based on real-life experiences. 


1. It all starts with an “eh, macam best?

Young Asian Woman Sitting Sofa House Holding Tv Remote Watch Movies Relaxing Day 2034 2054

You might be scrolling through your streaming platform homepage when you stumble across a new series that every single one of your friends have been talking about all over social media. So you decided to check it out too! Little did you know, you’re about to be taken on an emotional roller coaster ride.


2. You don’t really get what the hype is about

Istockphoto 1272981632

The first couple of episodes are usually a bit slow. This is where you’ll start wondering “is this show even worth watching?” Or will this just be another one of those lovey-dovey dramas that all the makcik bawangs love to watch?

“It’s okay, just kasi chance first la.”


3. Fuiyoh… you totally did not see that plot twist coming!

Istockphoto 993346790

Just when you’re about to give up on the show, the main character pulls a total OMG-worthy plot twist that completely shocks you! Now you finally see what all the hype is about and you’re invested to watch until the end.


4. Suddenly, the show is more important than makan or sleep time

Istockphoto 1221946961 612X612.jpg 1

This is that stage where you keep saying “just one more episode…” before you end up watching the whole thing anyway even though you know that you’ll become a total zombie the next morning. As far as you’re concerned, this show is now the main priority of your life!

Plus, thanks to the MCO where you’re now spending all day at home, you’d even try to sneak in an episode or two during your lunch break. Let’s face it, the whole time you were working, all you can think of is:

Tenor 14


5. The pain of waiting for the next episode to arrive

Tenor 13

If you’re watching an ongoing series where new episodes arrive weekly, you’ll be in constant torture waiting for the next episode to air. Why does time suddenly feel like it’s moving slower when you’re waiting for a new episode? 😤

At this point, you’re already completely obsessed with the show and would talk about it non-stop with everyone you know.


6. Two agonizing words: Season Finale

Depositphotos 270610274 Stock Photo Asian Man Watch Tv.jpg

All good things must come to an end, including this new favourite show of yours. Once you’ve watched the final episode, you’re bound to be slightly in denial and will proceed to spam your social media feeds with complaints about how in disbelief you are. It’ll probably be the only thing you will talk about for the next week or so.

Just make sure to always include ‘Spoiler Alert!’ in all your postings okay! 


7. Looking up fan theories & explanations of the show

Will you stop being obsessed with the show just because it’s ended? Nope!

At this stage, you might as well jump into the rabbit hole by looking up everything there is to know about the show and its cast. This is where all those fan theories, behind the scene recordings and countless ‘Season Finale: Explained’ videos come in handy!

Tumblr O16N2Kblpx1Ta3Qyvo1 1280.jpg


8. Searching for a rebound show

What, you think only love stories got rebound?

To stop yourself from spiralling even more, you achieve a level of acceptance and decide to search for a new show instead as your rebound. Which seems like a good idea at first but then, you’ll realise that you will just begin the cycle all over again… and again and again…

Tenor 11

Until you find the next best show to watch!

Well, do these stages sound familiar to you? With all the time we spend at home during the MCO, we’re pretty sure that many Malaysians have been converted into pro (series) marathoners. Especially with all the new exciting shows that are coming out these days! If you’re looking for great, binge-worthy shows that you can enjoy…

Now’s a good time to get Ready. Set. Binge-athon with Astro! All thanks to the arrival of the newest and hottest drama series in town!

Asr 1305087

Whether you’re a fan of addictive K-Dramas or exciting western series or even Malay dramas, Astro has the widest selection of dramas for you to choose from! Here’s a little sneak peek at what’s coming:

  • Ahli Bapak-Bapak Club
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Gossip Girl
  • Penthouse 3
  • Voice 4
  • DC Legends of Tomorrow

We don’t know about you but our weekend plans are now sorted! 😎🍿

To enjoy these shows, simply subscribe to Astro and you’ll have convenient access to watch these shows across all of their channels. No time to watch TV? No worries! You can also catch up on the episodes by streaming them On Demand via Ultra Box or the Astro GO application for those on-the-go days!

Excited to start your binge-athon? Then head to Astro’s website to find out more about how you can tune into these dramas. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest updates too!


Do you go through any other stages when binge-watching a series? Tell us below!

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