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NGO Exposes Slaughterhouses Where Dogs Are Beaten & Hung Upside Down to Bleed Out



Source: The Sun UK

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This is just plain cruel! 

According to The Sun UK, untold numbers of dogs are being tied up and put into sacks while they await their turn to be butchered in slaughterhouses in Java, Indonesia. These dogs are cruelly clubbed and hung upside down to bleed out while they are still conscious. Those poor furry babies. 🙁 

The report revealed that the poor dogs arrive at the slaughterhouses in Surakarta, Java, on trucks. After that, they are put into sacks and thrown into small, congested cages while they await their turn to be slaughtered.

This heinous act was brought to worldwide attention after the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia (DMFI) coalition shared concerning pictures and footage of the slaughterhouses.

Source: The Sun UK

FYI, DMFI coalition is made up of seven other animal rights NGO and their sole purpose is to defeat the dog-meat market in Indonesia. 

If you didn’t know, thousands of dogs get slaughtered in Indonesia every month even though the Central Government’s Ministry of Agriculture has requested that provincial governments take serious action against the inhumane practice.

Dog meat is sold in 82 restaurants within the city and surprisingly, these restaurants openly advertise that they sell the meat in their eatery. What even? 

Source: The Sun UK

Following that, Lola Webber, who is from Change for Animals Foundation, was quoted as saying,

“Dogs are captured from the streets and stolen from people’s homes to be taken on long journeys – often lasting for days – tightly packed in pick-up trucks or in hessian sacks, their mouths bound shut so they can hardly breathe.”

“They are then taken to filthy slaughterhouses where they watch others being slaughtered as they wait their turn, trembling in fear. The look in their eyes is haunting, the blood-spattered walls unforgettable.”

Source: The Sun UK

This is just sad! 

On top of that, the slaughterhouses also disobeyed public health and safety regulations which were made to protect the public from deadly rabies transmissions and other infectious zoonotic diseases. 

DMFI claims that a huge portion of this business solely depends on “illegal, profit-driven and dangerous activities including the trans-provincial long-distance trade in dogs”.

If you aren’t aware, seven per cent of the population in Indonesia consume dog meat. Although the country has strict laws regarding the sale of dog meat, it remains a popular dish amongst some minority groups in Indonesia. These groups often cook dog meat during their festivities or family celebrations like weddings and baptisms.

Besides that, in some parts of Asia, dog meat is consumed because it’s believed to have health benefits like boosting the immune system and improving male stamina. What do you think of these beliefs? 

Source: The Sun UK

Well, we hope that the authorities will look into this matter and quickly find a solution for it because we can’t stand to see more furry babies getting hurt.


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