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“Need to prep first!” M’sians Share 4 Skincare Tips to Achieve a Flawless Makeup Base!


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Have you ever looked at beauty influencers or K-drama actresses and wondered how on earth did they manage to get their skin looking so flawless?

The secret to a good makeup look stems from your skin! If you want your makeup to look smooth, it’s important to have a good skincare routine that preps your skin well before makeup goes on. And lucky for you, we’ll be sharing some tips on how you can achieve a silky-smooth base with just a couple of M·A·C products!


Step 1: Do a deep cleanse with the double cleansing method for a smooth base

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The first important step is to deep cleanse your face to remove dirt, dead skin and excess oil to avoid any texture or creasing in your makeup. For this, we’d recommend the double cleansing method: first with an oil cleanser then, with a normal facial cleanser. An oil cleanser will help get rid of stubborn dirt or waterproof products on your face plus, your skin will be able to absorb other skincare products better too!

Our recommendation for an oil cleanser: M·A·C Hyper Real Fresh Canvas Cleansing Oil

  • It’s safe for sensitive skin & eyes
  • It can remove long-wearing and waterproof makeup (agreed by 100% of users)
  • It’s very gentle on the skin (agreed by 98% of users)


Step 2: Apply a pore-minimising serum formulated with repairing ingredients

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After cleansing, apply a hydrating serum to get that radiant-from-within look. Remember to apply your serum before a moisturiser for better absorption! And choose a serum with pore-minimising properties to shrink and prevent your pores from becoming accentuated with makeup.

Our recommendation for a serum: M·A·C Hyper Real Serumizer

  • It helps to retexturise and repair your skin over time
  • The hydrating effect of this serum performs well under makeup (tests show that this serum increases hydration for balanced skin by 161%)
  • Its unique serum-moisturiser hybrid formula can strengthen your skin barrier by 71% (based on tests) to keep it protected even with frequent makeup applications
  • 90% of users reported that they can visibly see minimised pores on their skin

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Step 3: Lock in hydration with a non-oily moisturiser for a tacky base

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As we know, moisturisers tend to have a thicker texture so it is the perfect product to really “lock in” the moisture. When choosing a moisturiser, it’s important to choose a non-oily moisturiser to ensure that your makeup won’t slide off easily when you sweat.

 Our recommendation for a moisturiser: M·A·C Hyper Real Skincanvas Balm

  • This Balm can strengthen your skin barrier and leave it feeling more nourished & looking more radiant after just one use
  • 98%* of users reported that their skin felt more balanced
  • 95%* of users agreed that makeup can be applied more smoothly thanks to the product’s ability to provide 24-hour moisture!

*After using the product consistently for a week.

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Step 4: Protect your skin by using sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or higher

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Sunscreen is a step you should never skip! FYI, having makeup on or staying indoors will not protect you from harsh UV rays, not even if your makeup contains SPF! Everyone knows that SPF in makeup isn’t enough to protect your skin. Besides, using sunscreen can actually provide a more tacky base which can improve your foundation application later on!

Our recommendation for sunscreens: M·A·C Prep + Prime Face Protect Lotion SPF 50

  • An antioxidant-rich lotion that protects the skin from broad-spectrum UVA/UVB rays
  • Gives a soft-focus effect when worn under makeup

Now that you’ve mastered the correct prepping routine, we hope that it can improve your makeup application and get your base looking ultra-soft and smooth! And remember, the skincare products you use can greatly affect your makeup look. So, make sure to look for skincare that can perform well underneath makeup, much like the M·A·C Hyper Real skincare range of products mentioned earlier!

Formulated to perform best with makeup, the M·A·C Hyper Real skincare range features products that are lightweight, breathable and non-greasy to make for better makeup application!

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The Hyper Real range features three must-have products that can improve your skin over time. Here’s what makes the formula all the more special:

Mac Sku Ny4001 1X1 5

This lightweight cleansing oil is formulated with various natural ingredients including a rare Japanese peony extract, tsubaki, jojoba and sunflower seed oils and vitamin E. It can gently and effectively remove stubborn makeup, pollutants and micro-dust while softening the skin and maintaining the skin’s moisture balance. The cleanser also glides easily on the skin and be rinsed off without leaving a greasy residue. It is suited for all skin types (including oily or sensitive skin!) and won’t cause breakouts or clogged pores.


Mac Sku Sym601 1X1 1

This unique serum-moisturiser hybrid contains M·A·C’s Pro-4 Power Infusion Matrix™ that features powerful ingredients namely:

  • A rare Japanese peony extract
  • Skin-refining niacinamide
  • Hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid
  • Restorative ceramides

This high-performance formula is further infused with a blend of ultra-fine pearlescent particles to give the skin a radiant-from-within glow. The Serumizer is also non-greasy, non-pilling, easily absorbed by the skin and can keep your makeup looking fresh for up to 12 hours.


Mac Sku Sre601 1X1 1

This lightweight and fast-absorbing moisturiser can strengthen and protect your skin barrier (especially if you wear a lot of makeup). It is also formulated with M·A·C’s Pro-4 Power Infusion Matrix™ which can repair and retexturise the skin over time. It also features pure mango and avocado butters that can smoothen the skin to be nourished and prepped for makeup.


Intrigued by these skincare products but not sure if they suit your skin? Fret not! These Hyper Real skincare products actually come in both full-size and a trial-friendly mini size! This way, you can try out the skincare to see if it suits your skin before committing yourself to the full size.

The M·A·C Hyper Real skincare range is readily available at all M·A·C stores nationwide or online via their website! If you have questions about the products, you can also visit any of their stores to have a chat with the professional M·A·C Artists for consultation.

For more information or to shop, you can visit M·A·C’s website here. You can also keep up on all of the latest news or promo via their Facebook or Instagram.


Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF
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