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Need a Confidence Boost? 5 Ways Public Speaking Can Benefit M’sians At School or the Workplace


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Source: MicFront & RODNAE Productions (Pexels)

Public speaking can seem daunting for many but did you know that it’s a great activity that can develop your personal skills on so many levels? From giving you a boost of confidence to improving your communication skills, it’s no doubt that public speaking has various benefits. And the best part is, it is suitable for Malaysians of all ages!

Curious to know more? Read on to find out how mastering the art of public speaking can be advantageous for you at school or even in the workplace.


1. Boost your confidence to speak up

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Speaking in front of an audience takes a lot of courage. By participating regularly in public speaking, it forces you to overcome your nervousness. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when your speech goes well which will further boost your confidence. Over time, you will feel more comfortable with public speaking which can help to control your anxiety and also give you the courage to express your opinions instead of holding back.


2. Build up your critical thinking skills

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Part of public speaking includes preparing your speech which would require some research skills to ensure your speech is accurate, engaging and convincing. This can also develop your critical skills to translate complex ideas into something easier to comprehend. Additionally, if you get asked complex questions, you need to use your problem-solving skills to give a coherent answer.


3. Improve your oral communication skills

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Public speaking is all about communicating ideas. It requires a good tone of voice, persuasive strategy and diction to communicate clearly. Once you’ve mastered these aspects, you can improve your oral communication skills in other areas of life, too. From school presentations to brainstorming sessions with colleagues, good communication skills can help you excel wherever you are.


4. Build leadership qualities in yourself


A good leader needs to be confident and possess good communication skills with the ability to drive action. Through public speaking, you can learn persuasive strategies to lead the thoughts of your audience which can be helpful when you’re leading a team. When you know how to give clear directions and present ideas rationally, your team can work more efficiently under your guidance.


5. Help with career advancement

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If you’re well-equipped with all the qualities we’ve listed above, it’s no wonder that public speaking can help you with career advancement since you already possess the confidence, good communication and leadership skills. Apart from advancement in the workplace, students can also use these traits to excel in co-curricular activities to help boost their overall grades and portfolio.


Now that you know the benefits of public speaking, are you intrigued to learn how to master it? 

From the list of benefits here, we can see how public speaking is more than just standing and talking in front of a crowd. More importantly, it can shape your personal developments which will come in handy in other aspects of your life. If you’re ready to level up your skills and give public speaking a try, we know just the place you can go to…

Introducing the MicFront Academy, a place that aims to empower Malaysians of all ages through public speaking!


Micfront Academy (previously known as Mahathir Academy of Public Speaking) specialises in training individuals of all ages in the art and skills of public speaking. The academy is currently the only public speaking academy in Malaysia that is co-founded by a world-winning speaker!

MicFront Academy has coached and transformed thousands of kids and adults, as well as corporate companies, to become better communicators and leaders. The academy currently has over 200+ students in their learning centre ranging from as young as five years old to adults.

Their aim is to empower each student, regardless of age or background, and to help them develop their self-confidence and leadership skills through public speaking. They would also regularly hold public speaking competitions as a way to engage with the public and provide their existing students with a platform to practice and improve their skills.

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In fact, MicFront Academy will be having a Public Speaking event this 25th of September at Pavilion Bukit Jalil from 10.30AM to 6.30PM. There is expected to be a total of 200+ audience members so it would be the perfect venue for the participants to get a hands-on experience and sharpen their public speaking skills! Just look how awesome their previous event was!


Meet the masterminds behind MicFront Academy

The academy is founded by two exceptional individuals, Coach Mahathir who is in charge of presentation skills and Coach Dr. Jolynn who is in charge of building confidence. Both coaches have some impressive track records such as:

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Coach Mahathir:

  • Recently won third place in the Toastmasters International Speech competition which makes him the World’s Top 3 public speaker! (Just check out his captivating winning speech here!)
  • Represented Malaysia and became a two-time semi-finalist (Top 28) in the World Championship of Public Speaking, Toastmasters International, for the years 2020 and 2022.
  • Eight-time champion for the Toastmasters District (National) Speech Contest (for the years 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022).
  • Was appointed as a Tedx Speech Coach in 2019.
  • Also holds a Bachelor in Psychology (Hons).
  • Awarded the Successful People in Malaysia award by BritishPedia in 2021.



Coach Dr. Jolynn:

  • A PhD holder in Personality Development.
  • Graduated with a Master’s in Counseling with Distinction.
  • A licensed counsellor under Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia.
  • Certified in anxiety management, solution-focused brief therapy, play therapy and lady image signature programme.

What sets the academy apart is the fact that the two co-founders show amazing credibility in their craft. Additionally, they are also supported by a highly passionate team of qualified public speaking coaches who help to transform people’s lives through the art of public speaking. Sounds awesome, right? 




Cool! So, how do I sign up? 

If you’re interested to join the academy, you can start by joining their FREE trial class! Here’s how:

  1. Simply visit this link to get directed to the appointment booking page.
  2. Choose between an online or a face-to-face class according to your age group (it’s open to kids and adults!).
  3. Set the date and time and fill in your information. And you’re done!

If you’ve never tried anything like public speaking before, then this free trial class will definitely come in handy. Sounds exciting, right? For more information about the academy or to sign up, simply head over to their website here. You can also keep yourself updated with their event by following them on Instagram and Facebook.


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