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Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds: Which is Better? Here’s What M’sians Should Know


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Source: Diamond & Platinum & Asdrubal luna

When you’re ready to propose, one of the most important things to ‘stress’ about is the engagement ring. And with the rising popularity of lab-grown diamonds, which are more affordable and indistinguishable to the naked eye from natural ones, it may be tempting to settle for the cheaper alternative to profess your love.

They may look the same, but there are a number of key differences between the two, and it’s so much more than just monetary value. Here’s everything you should know about natural versus synthetic diamonds:


1. A million-year-old natural gem vs. artificial beauty

Diamondplatinum Natural

While lab-created diamonds are produced in, well, labs (in fact, more commonly mass-produced in factories now), natural diamonds are the result of nature’s exquisite craftsmanship over MILLIONS of years! The artificial counterpart can either be made by layering carbon onto tiny diamond seeds with gas (Chemical Vapor Deposition) or mimicking earth’s diamond-forming process with graphite (High-Pressure & High-Temperature), both of which can be done within days.

Which is why synthetic diamonds simply can’t hold a candle to the sparkle, fire and dazzling brilliance of natural diamonds, making them so alluring to humankind until today. Plus, lab-grown diamonds are easily detected now, as newer diamond pen testers are capable of differentiating between them.


2. Unique stories vs. mass-produced ones

Diamondplatinum Unique

No two love stories are exactly the same kan? It’s the same with diamonds, literally every single one has its own unique characteristics that are often invisible to the naked eye, just like fingerprints. It’s also like holding your very own star, which is what makes diamonds so special! Whereas diamond alternatives are simply created out of thin air (not literally) in bulk by factories, with no unique story or personality beneath their hardy exterior.


3. A symbolic legacy vs. common antiques

Diamond Icebox 1 2

Everyone knows that natural diamonds appreciate in value over time, making them a valuable investment choice that’s more than just a dazzling accessory. But it can also increase in emotional value, such as when your diamond engagement ring is passed down through generations like a family heirloom.

The same cannot be said for lab-grown diamonds, as they’re so mass-produced in troves that they don’t have resale value and lose their uniqueness, turning your ‘heirloom’ into nothing but an ordinary accessory. With natural diamonds, your kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and beyond would be proposing with the exact same one-of-a-kind valuable ring, making their future proposals even more meaningful – just like the movies!


4. Questionable convenience vs. ethical choice

Radiance Wob

Contrary to popular belief, lab-grown diamonds aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly. Unless they’re produced using renewable energy (which only a few are), their energy consumption can actually rival the mining of natural diamonds in terms of carbon emissions; in contrast, mining companies are now striving to achieve carbon neutrality for their mining operations. Plus, modern diamond mining practices create safe, high quality and high-paying career opportunities in remote regions of the world where job opportunities are lacking – employees are even given comprehensive training to build practical and transferrable skills that extend beyond mining – this is the case for Botswana, which has been exceptionally successful in harnessing its diamond resources for national development, making it one of the most prosperous countries in Africa.

On top of these, women empowerment programs have been implemented to advance gender equality amongst diamond mining workforces, with the inclusion and participation of women even at senior levels. By buying natural diamonds, you can take pride in knowing that your purchase contributes to the environment, country’s development, and people’s well-being – ‘blood diamonds’ are history!


5. Divine power from the stars vs. man-made stories

Diamondplatinum Divine 2

Believe it or not, natural diamonds have been associated with celestial phenomena for millennia, believed to possess divine powers that could bring luck, protection, and even healing. By getting a natural diamond engagement ring, you’re tapping into this ancient and mystical connection, infusing your relationship with positive energy and cosmic resonance. On the other hand, man-made diamonds wouldn’t have the same natural connection to the universe as the real deal, so you’d be missing out on the cosmic front.


Time to find a jeweller you can trust!

Diamondplatinum Symbolic 1

Now, the next question is: who to buy from, eh? Well, it so happens that we know a veteran with over 20 YEARS in the industry who could help you out.

Diamond & Platinum is your one-stop provider for natural diamonds, with the best GIA diamond rates in Malaysia (RM1,700 onwards for 0.3 carat) and top-notch after-sales service!

Diamondplatinum Hero 2

With over two decades of experience, Diamond & Platinum is the most sought-after diamond specialist in Malaysia, having catered to more than 500,000 satisfied customers and garnered 2,000 five-star reviews to date. Unlike other retailers who are still striving to cut out middlemen, Diamond & Platinum has already established strong relationships with miners and cutters, enabling them to get diamonds directly from the source, providing all direct savings to customers.

The result? The lowest price guaranteed for Diamond & Platinum‘s GIA-certified diamonds, even amongst online jewellers, to the point that they offer price match guarantees for customers if you prove them otherwise! For an easier apple-to-apple comparison, you can check out their GIA diamond prices here and ensure you get only the best price for your engagement ring.

With the support of a dedicated in-house manufacturing team, they are also able to personally make sure all their products are up to their high standards and ensure continuity in service beyond the point of purchase. When it comes to love, no expenses can be spared!

By purchasing your diamond ring with Diamond & Platinum, you can enjoy the following services free of charge:

  • Free consultation service
  • Free design service from scratch
  • Free engraving service
  • Free premium packaging
  • Free and secure shipping
  • Free one-time resizing
  • Free lifetime cleaning and inspection service in 10 Diamond & Platinum boutiques
  • 10x magnification video available

Diamondplatinum Hero 1

And it so happens that Diamond & Platinum is holding a promotion for Malaysians who want to save money AND get top-quality diamonds.

By buying a one-carat diamond from Diamond & Platinum, you’ll receive a pair of couple rings worth RM3,000 for FREE!

That’s not all! There are other exquisite deals available in-stores for different carat sizes too, so be sure to check out your nearest Diamond & Platinum boutique for more info!

Not only would you be able to enjoy some of the highest-quality diamonds in the country, but you can even one-shot gao dim your wedding rings too~ So if you’re currently in the midst of planning your marriage proposal, there’s no need to look further than Diamond & Platinum!

Want to get started on your search for the perfect ring? Head over here to customise your very own GIA diamond ring online with Diamond & Platinum, or if you prefer a more personal touch, head to one of 10 Diamond & Platinum boutiques to get your free consultation. You may also message them here for an online consultation service.

For more info on Diamond & Platinum, head to their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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