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M’sians Share 5 Most Unforgettable Struggles They’ve Gone Through While Waiting For Payday To Arrive



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Source: WOB & Opsa

As the old saying goes, “desperate times call for desperate measures” and this is definitely the most accurate way to describe the state of some of us at the end of every month. We bet that pretty much every Malaysian has had to make some ‘economical’ choices while waiting for payday to come.

Thus, we asked around and had these Malaysians share with us some of the most unforgettable struggles they’ve faced while waiting for payday to come!


1. “I basically lived on just roti canai and Maggi Kari for a week straight”


Nope, we’re not talking about those viral Youtube challenges where people live off of a certain food item for a week straight. This one happened involuntarily…

“I’m very proud to say that I once managed to survive one week before payday by having either roti canai or Maggi Kari for lunch every single day! That whole week’s lunch only cost me RM7! However, I couldn’t eat either of those foods for a month after that haha.” – Daniel, 31

This just proves that through your highs and your lows, your local mamak will always have your back, guys!


2. “I had to pretend I forgot to pack money and get my colleague to help me pay first”

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“I felt bad but it’s a good hack especially if you’re the type who feels paiseh to borrow money. This way, it just seems like you forgot to head to the ATM. Just make sure you remember to pay your colleagues back when you finally have some cash lah!” – Lee, 29

Honestly, this is quite brilliant.


3. “I filled up my car with only RM10 worth of petrol and got judged by the cashier”

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If you have access to public transport for your commute to work, then consider yourself lucky! You’re probably saving up to hundreds of ringgit a month just for petrol alone.

“I drive to work everyday which can drain my bank account pretty fast. Usually, by the end of every month, I’d fill up my car’s tank just ngam-ngam to get me to work and back. Once, I even filled up my car with just RM10 worth of petrol as I had very little cash left in my account. Never thought I’d get judged by a petrol station cashier before.” – Leo, 22


4. “I’ll lepak with friends and order ‘sky juice’ only while occasionally stealing some of their food to try

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“My friends would get their pay earlier than I do so whenever they plan to have a get-together, the FOMO in me cannot resist saying yes! But since I can’t afford to order anything, I’d always just order ais kosong and tell them that I’m on a diet or I’ve eaten already while stealing a very big bite from their plates.” – Vivian, 20

We get it, nothing feels worse than not being able to join a lepak session with friends just because you’re too broke to do so! So guys, the next time you see your friend ordering ‘sky juice’ only, why not offer to pay for their food or share some of your food with them. Who knows, they might really need it.


5. “When I’m out of data, I would load as many shows/movies as I can at the mamak before going home”

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“The mamak near my house provides free Wi-Fi for customers. So, whenever my mobile data runs out at the end of the month and I can’t afford to purchase any more, I’d hang out at the mamak while downloading as many episodes as I can from my streaming app so I can watch it later on at home. It’s a real-life hack, okay!” – Jay, 34

Before you consider trying out this ‘hack’, we do want to remind everyone of one thing: please don’t steal the mamak’s Wi-Fi. Make sure to dine at the mamak (even if you can only afford a plate of roti canai) before using their internet, okay? And only download shows from trusted and legal sites or apps!


These stories might sound funny to look back on but for the people who are currently going through this type of situation, we understand how frustrating and demotivating it can feel. Especially now since the times seem to be getting tougher by the day, you’re probably thinking “how I wish payday would come faster!”. Well, what if we told you there’s another way Malaysians can actually make some extra cash without having to wait for your actual payday?

It’s true! Malaysians can now stand a chance to win easy cash every weekday just by tuning in to MIX Payday!

Header Mixpayday Transparent

In order to reduce the burden of our fellow Malaysians, MIX is having a contest where listeners everywhere will have the chance to bring home some extra cash! How? Just follow these super easy steps:

  1. Submit an entry via mix.my and tell them why you think you should be chosen for this contest in less than 20 words.
  2. Tune into MIX and listen for your name to be called out (contest starts from 9AM every Monday to Friday!)
  3. If you hear your name, give MIX a call as soon as you can and answer a simple question given by the announcers within five seconds.
  4. If you succeed, the cash is yours!

They’re literally giving away free money, guys! So kan cheong!

And the best part is, this contest will be happening every weekday until 19 March so you no longer have to wait for payday to arrive in order to get some extra money. Make sure you join okay!

Needless to say, times are tough for all of us so this contest might just bring a smile to those who really need it! For more information on this contest or if you’d like to participate, don’t forget to visit their website here or you can also stay updated with them via Facebook or Instagram. And don’t forget to tune in to MIX for Today’s Best Music too!


What other struggles have you gone through while waiting for payday? Share with us below! 

Source: Sgfood
Source: WOB
Source: Shaw Local
Source: Opsa
Source: WOB

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