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M’sians Who Love Movies But Hate Crowds Can Cosy Up at This Compact Cinema!



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Always wished you could experience magical classics like Toy Story in the cinemas again? Well, now you can with this brand new cinema that’s just opened in town! Time to relive your childhood memories! 

AMENIC Film Space, with their tagline “a space for playbacks and pastimes”, is run by two young entrepreneurs that just debuted in December 2017 and it allows movie lovers to re-watch their favourite movies on the big screen.

Fun fact: Amenic is cinema, spelt backwards. 

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Source: Facebook

“Trust us when we say that some films are simply worth re-watching on a big screen,” the founders wrote on their page.

Located in Damansara Kim, AMENIC came about thanks to the idea of re-watching classics on the big screen. That’s an innovative idea! With this in mind, AMENIC was formed for people to experience the cinematic magic of their favourite movies that are no longer showing in cinemas. 

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What if they don’t have your favourite film? Don’t worry, because options is their middle name, well sorta. After all, they have over 150 films for you to enjoy, ranging from the classics to Oscar-winning films. Take your pick! 

What’s even more special about this space is that it is catered towards a small, cosy crowd – think a minimum of one and maximum of 12! Yup, that means you won’t be sharing the cinema with every other Tom, Dick and Harry out there! 

There are two types of spaces where you can view your movies and the prices vary depending on the room and day. However, you can enjoy cheaper rates if you are a member (aka MENIACs)! Here are the rental prices per head:

Binge Space (for up to 12 pax) rental per head – here’s where they often host movie marathons.

Weekday: RM9
Weekend: RM12

Weekday: RM5
Weekend: RM8

Cosy Space (for 1-4 pax) rental per head – if cosying up while catching your fave flick is your cuppa tea, opt for this room.

Weekday: RM18
Weekend: RM22

Weekday: RM10
Weekend: RM14

Before you think small space equals amateur cinema, hold that thought, because this humble space is packed with full HD projectors and 5.1 surround sound. That’s like cinema-grade specs in compact form! 

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Plus, the fun does not stop there. They also sell movie posters and comic books for collectors, in collaboration with Earth 638 and Currynoodles Posters. Gotta catch ’em all! 

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The best part? THEY HAVE HUMAN-SIZED BEAN BAGS. These bean bags are located in their Cosy Space room, a much more intimate and laid-back space. You can bring friends and family here to enjoy a nostalgic movie together!

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Source: Facebook

However, if you are looking to expand your social circle whilst enjoying a movie, you can do that at the same comfort but with new people at their Binge Space.

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Source: Facebook

Much recently, they had a marathon of Toy Story, which ran from 4pm to 9pm. Simultaneously, there was also a dinner session where guests were allowed to either bring in their own food or order it from Lat Tali Lat, which is situated right below their studio. Cool, can makan and movie at the same time. Just like home!

Want to find out more? Well, all of their updates, especially the Binge Space schedule and other events are revealed in a closed group in Facebook where they have created a community consisting their members called the MENIACs. They will be also be taking in suggestions of movies to play. So, you can suggest your favourite movie to watch together!

To sum up, AMENIC is a place where film fanatics can enjoy a movie peacefully without someone kicking the back of your chair or someone taller blocking your view. Now, if you would excuse us, we’re going book a spot because we hear they have the 1993 Jurassic Park!

Address: 73A, Jalan SS20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya


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