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M’sians are Questioning How DAP Can Successfully Help People Gain Citizenship, JPN Denies Involvement


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Source: Nurul Mohamed Yusoff | Facebook

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It’s truly saddening to know that there are many locals out there who do not actually have Malaysian citizenship due to certain circumstances.

And while these people do require help to gain their citizenship, should the help come from a political party, especially considering the highly racial aspect of our Malaysian political landscape?

Content creator Nurul Mohamed Yusoff recently showcased the Democratic Action Party (DAP)’s “citizenship application program”, and questioned how the political party allegedly has the authority to successfully help people gain Malaysian citizenship.

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He wrote, “An easy way to apply for Malaysian citizenship. I saw a poster on Facebook for the citizenship application program organized by DAP. When I checked the DAP Stulang assemblyman’s Facebook page, there were no posts about this program. So, I went to Yeap Choon Keong’s Facebook page.”

“Apparently, he is the Director of DAP Penang’s citizenship program. Wow! DAP is great, they’ve become like a private JPN (National Registration Department).”


This program allegedly covers the whole of Penang and is apparently being extended to the rest of Malaysia.

However, what’s most shocking about this program is its alleged success rate, especially considering that it isn’t actually easy to get Malaysian citizenship.

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“Many people in the Lim Guan Eng area have already obtained citizenship. What surprised me was when I looked at Yeap Choon Keong’s Facebook page, how successfully he managed to get citizenships,”

“You can see the amount according to his Facebook posts, 6 cases in May, 5 cases in April, and 3 cases in March. As far as I know, the process of applying for citizenship is a painful and long process. How can DAP Penang’s citizenship director do it so quickly and efficiently,” Nurul Mohamed Yusoff asked.

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He also claimed that for those who have benefitted from the program, a majority of them are Chinese.


Nurul Mohamed Yusoff ultimately asked if JPN is involved in this in any way, considering the political party appears to have ‘taken over’ their role.

“Since when did DAP take over the work of the National Registration Department? Is there special permission from the government?”

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Well, we now have the answer to that. 

According to a report by Malaysia Gazette, the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) has requested that people do not associate themselves and JPN with DAP’s citizenship program.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Shamsul Anuar Nasarah insists that his agency is clearly denying involvement in the program organised by the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Service Center in Stulang, Johor.

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JPN also released a statement emphasising that they are not involved and did not receive any invitations to participate in the program.


In the comments section of the original post, many Malaysians posed the question as to how DAP’s alleged high success rate in helping people get Malaysian citizenship.

What do you think about DAP’s “citizenship program”? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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