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M’sian Teacher Shares How His Students Saved Him From Depression And Suicidal Thoughts



Source: Twitter & Twitter

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Mental health issues are perhaps one of the biggest crises of this generation. From depression to anxiety, many patients suffer in silence in fear of being shamed for their condition. As a result, suicide rates only appear to be climbing. But as the saying goes, there’s always a light at the end of a tunnel, and it can come from the most unexpected of places!

In a recently viral Twitter thread by @awanjebat, who also goes by Safwan Jebat, he posted an emotional story of how he had endured the hardships of living with clinical depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder. A graduate of Kolej Polytech Mara and Management Science University (MSU), Safwan is a certified English as a Second Language teacher, but was unable to find stable employment due to his weakness in grammar.

Source: Twitter

This led him to a point of depression where he was constantly plagued with suicidal thoughts and feelings of inadequacy, further worsened by the passing of his father. Yet, he managed to take up a position as a substitute teacher in a secondary school. While initially hesitant, the students eventually warmed up to Safwan and his unique teaching methods, where he would come to class dressed in different costumes to encourage learning!

As a result of his style of teaching, students started paying attention in class and their bond grew ever closer. This gave him the strength to persevere and combat his depression. However, Safwan was later informed by his school that his contract would be terminated by the end of August as the teacher he had been substituting would return to school. This led to him suffering from a panic attack, and he was warded. Oh no!

But with his students by his side, Safwan managed to make a quick recovery. In fact, he credits his students for teaching him that being a teacher goes beyond “paychecks and grades”. They have given him new hope to continue living and fighting his mental illness. Coming to class to teach has become a safe haven for him, and he has been able to heal and grow stronger each day. By the very end, Safwan says that “They changed my life and saved me from depression and suicidal thoughts.” That’s so incredibly touching!

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

The story has since gone viral over Twitter, with many Twitter users chiming in with praise for Safwan and his students, as well as well-wishes for his continued battle against depression.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Some relatives of Safwan’s students have also expressed their thanks to him for improving the students’ education!

Source: Twitter

There is just no way this story could leave anybody with a dry eye! We wish Cikgu Safwan all the best for his endeavours ahead, and hope that his students will excel in their futures! 


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