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“She’s more beautiful now” – M’sian Regrets Cheating on His Ex-GF 2 Years Ago, Wants to Win Her Back


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Regret consumes your energy, especially if you’re dwelling on it years after what happened. A Malaysian man recently regretted his decision which he made 2 years back, and he’s hoping to salvage the situation.

But he’s unsure if it’s too late to regain the beautiful connection he once had, especially after he cheated on his ex-GF. In a confession he posted on Dcard, the man recounted all the women he had met after his relationship ended 2 years ago.

No one fits his requirement because the ex whom he cheated on sets the bar high, and it’s also about how much she’s glowing up.

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“I regret cheating on her last time. I noticed she is getting more beautiful. All the women I’ve met after her are not better than her.”

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Unfortunately, if a woman glows up after a failed relationship, chances are she’s getting happier in life and moving forward from the past. According to the man, his ex does not only look better than last time but she is also doing well in life with a lot of remarkable achievements.

“She’s helping to run a company now with a high position, and based on her IG stories, she’s also a piano teacher now.”

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Seeing how successful his ex is at the moment, the man admitted what he truly feels about his current situation, as well as himself.

“I don’t think I can ever reach her level. I don’t think I’ll ever be on par with her.”

Emotions are something no one can control, but your reactions are definitely under your control. The man also admitted to still having feelings for his ex and wondered if it was too late to win her heart back.

“Thank you, next”

Netizens, on the other hand, were baffled at his audacity to even think about getting back with the person whom he cheated on, and thought that he deserved what he was feeling.

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“I would’ve asked you to go away if I was your ex, and told you to leave me to my own peaceful life. I suggest you don’t bother her at all. You lost all rights the moment you started cheating.”

“You deserved it! Some people are only aware of what they have lost when the person is gone.”

“Honestly, I think all women would’ve rejected you. Your deception back then showed that you were not loyal.”

“Women glow up once they leave a useless man.”

“I genuinely think your ex doesn’t want you to bother her life.”

Ladies, would you have given your ex-cheating partner another shot? Do you think the man can salvage the damage?


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Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF

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