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M’sian Parents Recall 6 Dining Etiquette the Younger Generations No Longer Practise


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Living in the multicultural Malaysia, we are exposed to a wide range of dining etiquette, not only in our homes but also from other races. However, these rules of etiquette are in need of preservation, as they are slowly disappearing among the younger generations. Do you still follow the traditional dining practices while eating at home? Keep on reading to find out the dining etiquette many youngsters no longer practise!


1. Wait for everyone to arrive before eating (and don’t be late).

“Back then, we would wait for everyone to be seated at the dining table before we start eating. We no longer do that as most of us are occupied — my children need to leave for tuition classes after dinner, while my husband comes home late after work.” — May, 36

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2. Start with the dish nearest to you, not your favourite dish okay?

“Before our meals, my father always reminds us to start with the dish nearest to us. We shouldn’t reach across the table for a dish. Rather, we should politely ask for the dish to be passed to us. I doubt my children would know this etiquette since we now use rotating trays on dining tables. All they have to do is to spin the tray to get their desired dish.” — Shawn, 34

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3. Don’t make noise while eating or drinking, annoying lah!

“My mother would scold us if we chew with our mouths open or slurp our drinks loudly, as making noise or talking while eating is considered impolite. Although I taught my children the same etiquette, they would only follow it when they’re eating with elders and guests. When hanging out with their friends at the mamak, they prefer more freedom and less restrictive rules.” — Syaz, 28 



4. Always put our elders first, that’s how we show them respect.

“If two people are reaching for the same dish, we should pass the dish to the elder family member first, to show our respect. But now, our elders will lovingly pass us the dish as an act of caring. We understand that this is a way of expressing their love, so we don’t insist on the traditional practice.” — Joan, 29 

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5. Eat attentively and don’t walk around, if not you’ll have indigestion. 

“Growing up, my siblings and I were taught to pay attention while eating, so as to appreciate the farmers’ hard work and the food on our table. We were also told not to walk around, stand, or squat when we eat, as it can lead to indigestion. But now, we can easily see office workers munching on their sandwiches while walking to the LRT station in the morning.” — Azman, 30



6. Keep gadgets off the dining table, it’s family bonding time!

“We didn’t have phones or gadgets to use when we were small, and our mealtime is one of the best family bonding moments I can recall. From jokes to meaningful conversations, the dining table holds most of my dearest memories. It’s quite sad to see youngsters eating with their sight fixed on smartphones nowadays, no talking or bonding at all.” — Leon, 41

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It is true that smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We often have our sight glued to smartphones, be it when communicating with others or scrolling through the social media for entertainment. Even when dining at home, most of us are so occupied with our phones that we overlook the golden opportunity to bond with our family.

Consequently, despite seeing each other daily, we tend to feel disconnected from our family members. However, it’s never too late to change this! Wondering how to start? Why not try out this challenge as a way to rekindle the bond with your family during mealtimes…

From 15 Dec 2021 – 4 Jan 2022, Pepsi Blackout Hour challenges M’sians to put their gadgets aside during mealtimes and win GrabFood vouchers!

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Pepsi® Malaysia is eager to bring back the value of mealtime togetherness through this exciting challenge. Hence, through the Pepsi Blackout Hour challenge, they’d like to encourage Malaysians to focus on their loved ones during mealtimes by putting aside their smartphones throughout the one-hour challenge. The best thing is that those who complete the challenge can get to win a RM20 GrabFood Voucher! *T&C apply


Here’s how you can join the Pepsi Blackout Hour challenge!

1. Purchase the Pepsi Black “Taste of Malaysia” LTO pack and scan the QR code on the pack.

2. Follow the instructions listed in the Pepsi Blackout Hour microsite.

3. Enjoy your meal without your phone for the next 60 minutes and stand a chance to win a RM20 GrabFood Voucher!

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However, bear in mind that each and every family member is not allowed to reach for their smartphone during the challenge. A single tap on the phone will lead to disqualification! 😱

For an even better dining experience, Pepsi® Malaysia invites you and your family to complete the Pepsi Blackout Hour challenge in the participating outlets. Other than GrabFood vouchers, there are more awesome prizes awaiting you, including Pepsi merchandise! Want to know which restaurant you should visit this week? Keep an eye on the Pepsi® Malaysia’s Facebook page!

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Now that Christmas dinners and New Year gatherings are approaching, it is the best time to participate in the Pepsi Blackout Hour challenge, not only with your family but also with your friends! Don’t forget to add fizz to your feast with Pepsi Black, which offers a super refreshing fizz and bold Pepsi flavours with zero calorie!

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It’s about time we tackle our obsession with our smartphones, and spend more quality time with our loved ones instead. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to spend less time scrolling through the social media, taking part in the Pepsi Blackout Hour can be an effective first step! For more information regarding Pepsi Blackout Hour, visit Pepsi® Malaysia’s Facebook page or follow them on these platforms:


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