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M’sian Nurse Says It’s Dangerous to Pull Out Knife, Shares 8 Ways to Help Injured Person



Msian Nurse Says It's Dangerous to Pull Out Knife, Shares 8 Ways to Help Injured Person - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Yesterday (18 February 2019), the whole nation was shocked when we learnt that two-year-old Nur Qhaisara was pierced by a knife after she stepped on a plate and fell. The knife was placed on the plate. 

In case you didn’t know, the young girl’s panic-stricken grandmother pulled out the knife from her abdomen in efforts to save her but it was in vain because unfortunately, she didn’t survive the fatal accident.

After the news went viral, many people pointed out that the grandmother shouldn’t have pulled out the knife because that could have been the reason for her death. Their comments are as shown below:

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That said, it looks like there is some truth in the netizens’ suggestion because a nurse recently said that we are actually NOT advised to pull out any items that have pierced our body, wrote Siakap Keli.

This is because the sharp object acts a stopper to the bleeding and gives pressure to the pierced area. It keeps the blood from overflowing. 

Plus, we wouldn’t want to take the risk of yanking out the object as we don’t know the depth of the injury.

Source: Telfed

Following that, the nurse, Bel Nawhen has decided to share several tips that people should do when they’re faced with a similar incident. Here are the 8 tips she shared:


1. The victim must be in a relaxed state. Don’t crowd around the victim because this can cause panic. 

2. Clean the injured area by running clean water over it. This is to see the degree of injury that is visible to the naked eye.

3. If the object is not in contact with the injured area, then apply pressure on the injured area with a clean cloth to stop the blood from flowing out. 

4. If the object is in contact with the injured area, DO NOT pull it out. Instead, make a ring/doughnut bandage with a clean cloth and place it around the object, then close it with another clean cloth.

Doughnut bandage | Source: Chain Image

5. Exert pressure on the injured area to stop the blood from overflowing but the pressure should be applied for not more than 10 minutes. After that, release the pressure to allow blood flow throughout the body.

6. Don’t tie anything over the injured area because this can damage the tissues and organs due to the lack of blood flow.

7. Elevate the injured area at the chest level to reduce blood from flowing out.

8. Get help from the nearest hospital/clinic or call 999. Alternatively, quickly bring the victim to the nearest hospital/clinic.

Source: Wikipedia

Well, those are some pretty useful tips! We hope that the nurse’s tips will come in handy if you find yourself in a situation that is similar to the one mentioned above.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and families in case of emergency! 


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