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M’sian Man Abandoned at Hospital With Only RM2 After An Accident, Saved by Kind Mother-Son Duo



Source: HumanResourcesOnline & SirapLimau

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Malaysia has always had an abundance of kind people, and this story is no different.

Unfortunately though, for one Malaysian man, he had to encounter a bad person in order for him to experience a random act of kindness.

Ali Babad Express (@ChinBabad) took to his Twitter account to express his gratitude towards an aunty and her son who had helped him when he was left at a hospital with only RM2 in his wallet after an accident.

Ali wrote, “This is a long story but it’s worth it. I was just leaving Petaling Jaya to head to Brickfields. It was drizzling so I rode slowly. 30 to 40 km/h only as the roads were wet. I was just in front of the University Malaya Medical Centre traffic light and the light was green so I didn’t slow down.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a car who wanted to go left but didn’t signal. There wasn’t enough time to avoid it, plus my Honda Wave (motorbike)’s brake isn’t very strong. Boom! Accident. The old white Toyota had hit me. A Chinese uncle in his 40’s got down, and looked at his car before looking at me.”

Ali had scolded the uncle for not putting on his signal, and the uncle, probably realising his mistake, apologised before helping Ali into the private medical centre that was nearby. When they got there, Ali asked the uncle to help him register (which costs around RM70), after which the uncle immediately got angry, told Ali to make a police report and left him there with only RM2 in his wallet.

Ali, with a swollen leg, hobbled back to his broken motorbike and was about to try to get himself to a government clinic when he was approached by a kind passerby.

Source: DirectAsia

“Suddenly, a Chinese man held my shoulder and asked me why I had not worn my shoes when my leg was so swollen. I couldn’t handle it, I cried as I told him what had happened. He brought me to meet his mother, and he told her everything. They helped me to register into the hospital and make a police report, and even pushed me around in a wheelchair. They then bought me some bread and water as I didn’t manage to eat dinner.

If that wasn’t enough, they took out all the money they had in their wallet and gave it to me to settle the payments. They gave me RM650. I asked for their names and address so that I could return the money to them, but they refused.

The kind mother-son duo had told Ali, “Take this money to settle everything, don’t be sad any more, it’s okay.”

“If that is not kindness despite what race you are, then I don’t know what is,” Ali ended his posting.

Ali’s posting has since garnered over 2,300 retweets.

Keep up the good work, Malaysians!


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