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M’sian Ketua Rumahs Share How MCO Has Made Them Realise How Much They Take Their Wives For Granted


M'Sian Ketua Rumahs Share How Mco Has Made Them Realise How Much They Take Their Wives For Granted - World Of Buzz 3

As we live our lives each day, we sometimes don’t give much thought to what happens in our daily routine. It’s probably because we’re so used to it and because of that, we tend to take our partners for granted.

While the Movement Control Order (MCO) moves into its fourth week, a bunch of ketua rumahs (heads of households) have approached us to tell us about what they realised about their wives while they are all stuck together at home.

1. Harris, a husband and father about to welcome his second child

“Since the MCO started, I’ve been in charge of cleaning, cooking and taking care of my toddler most of the time since my wife is expecting our second child soon. She has been down with all the pains of being pregnant and now that I am taking up her part of household duties, it really made me realize how much work she does around the house and I can’t be more grateful for what she’s been doing all this time!”

M'sian Ketua Rumahs Share How Mco Has Made Them Realise How Much They Take Their Wives For Granted - World Of Buzz


2. Wan, a full-time restaurant owner, devoted husband and father

“I normally forget to take my supplements and it’s actually really important for me to take them as I have some health issues which could become really bad if I were to ignore them.

My wife has been reminding me to take them every day, ever since we got married. I kind of never gave it much thought until now that I’m home every day with her. I really appreciate that she thinks of me that much and that often. Since I work on operations at my restaurant, she has also been really diligent in sanitising me from head to toe every time I come home from work.”

M'sian Ketua Rumahs Share How Mco Has Made Them Realise How Much They Take Their Wives For Granted - World Of Buzz 2


3. Faliq, a bank worker and former state league footballer

“Before the MCO, my wife commutes to work every day and she comes home in the evening around the same time I do, and she gets to cooking dinner almost immediately. Then, we’ll spend the night together watching Netflix or something.

Since the MCO came into effect and we both had to start working from home, I saw the amount of work she has on her plate and can’t believe she could come home every evening to cook dinner and layan me. Being stuck at home together during this MCO has made me realise that she’s not only hardworking but also thoughtful and responsible towards me and I’m extremely grateful for that.”

M'sian Ketua Rumahs Share How Mco Has Made Them Realise How Much They Take Their Wives For Granted - World Of Buzz 6
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4. Daniel, a real estate agent with a penchant for cleaning

M'sian Ketua Rumahs Share How Mco Has Made Them Realise How Much They Take Their Wives For Granted - World Of Buzz 7
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“I’m generally a very tidy person. I can’t stand a cluttered or messy home so this MCO has got me going on a cleaning frenzy. Ever since the MCO started, I noticed my wife has been cooking all my favourite dishes, even the ones that are difficult to make. She’s even learned new recipes to make!

She’s not normally a person who cooks so I asked her why is she cooking so much and cooking such complicated foods and she said that she has hardly ever had to clean up the apartment even before the MCO, much less now that it is in effect. She cooks as a way of saying thank you and I’ve never been so happy to be acknowledged for something as simple as my habit of cleaning up our home.”


5. Eric, a no-frills eater who now knows the difference between cumin and ginger

“I am hopeless at cooking. You’d be lucky if I could boil water for you.

So, during the MCO, I had to do the grocery shopping while my wife stayed home to take care of the house and kids. You can already tell this is going to be a disaster. But, thanks to my wife’s patience, I learned to differentiate between lengkuas, kunyit and ginger and this is quite an achievement for me. Before I met her, I was just living on takeouts and Maggi whenever I eat at home. Now I know how to cook more things other than instant or frozen food, because of my wife.”

M'sian Ketua Rumahs Share How Mco Has Made Them Realise How Much They Take Their Wives For Granted - World Of Buzz 4


6. Adam, Engineer by day, tired by night and has a superwoman of a wife

“I live with my wife and two kids who are very energetic. Playtime with them can really take a toll on me especially after work.

But I’m really impressed by how my wife can come up with so many things for the kids to keep them entertained. She’d play simple games with them, teach them new things, watch their kiddy shows with them, and all that while looking after the home. They’re just never bored with their mum and she does this all day since she’s a housewife (which is one of the toughest jobs in the world, btw!). I definitely am amazed and grateful I have someone who is creative and just as energetic as the kids to entertain them.”

Evidently, since the MCO came into effect, there are tons of people out there discovering the joys (and struggles) of staying home and working from home. While there’s more time to spend with loved ones, ketua rumahs and breadwinners are also discovering just how much their spouses do, both professionally and at home!

So what else is there that you and your family can do together at home during this quarantine period you wonder? Well, plenty! From playing dress-up, to building pillow forts and filming Tik Toks, there are a ton of things you can do together!

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[Test] M'sian Ketua Rumahs Share How Mco Has Made Them Realise How Much They Take Their Wives For Granted - World Of Buzz

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Remember, staying home during this quarantine period doesn’t have to be difficult! Find ways to spend time with loved ones, help your spouse around the house, and before you know it, the MCO will be over.

So if you’re looking to get yourself some Ribena to keep your kids happy or to make yourself some refreshing Ribena popsicles, you know what to do! Find out more about Ribena here.


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