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M’sian Baby Poops Out Bloody Stool After Allegedly Drinking Fake Milk Powder



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The fake baby formula incident is all over social media right now and the authorities are currently in the midst of getting to the bottom of this issue. However, just yesterday, a netizen from Bukit Mertajam, Penang took it to Facebook after her baby boy who drank Enfalac shockingly pooped out bloody stool.

Source: Facebook

Here’s the brief translation.

“During the night of the incident, I was wiping his backside and changing his diapers when I discovered the diapers were covered in blood.”

“His body temperature rose to 39.4 degree Celsius and I fed him some fever medicine.”

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Source: Facebook

Everything that was happening before her eyes was too much for the mother to handle as she was a first-time mother. On 10 December, the baby was admitted to hospital due to intestinal inflammation.

“The doctor was worried that the friction between the intestines was the reason why the baby had blood in his stool, and they were even looking at the possibility of performing a surgery on the baby.”

The thought of her baby going under the knife made her cry. A series of X-ray and ultrasound were subsequently conducted and thankfully, the baby was spared from the surgery. Pheww….

“The next day, the doctor asked me if my baby drinks Enfalac. I said yes. The doctor stared at me with his eyes wide open. He asked if I knew what was going on with the recent counterfeit milk powder issue; again, I said yes.”

Source: Facebook

There wasn’t much the doctor could do except administer antibiotics to the baby. Thankfully, the little guy is on his way to recovery, and the mother has since switched to another infant formula.

The concerned mother called Enfalac’s care line for clarification but no one picked up her call. She later emphasised that her Facebook post was not to pin the blame on Enfagrow because she isn’t able to determine the authenticity of the milk powder.

Nevertheless, she has also submitted all the reports to the Health Ministry for further action to be taken. Meanwhile, the authorities have stated that the examination to authenticate the milk powder will take two weeks to complete. Stay tuned guys.

If the infant formula turns out to be fake, severe punishment must be meted out to the supplier for putting countless babies’ lives in jeopardy.


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