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M’sian Actress’ Pedigree Cat Goes Missing, Panics & Actually Files a Police Report


This M'sian Actress Filed A Police Report Over Her Missing Pedigree Cat - World Of Buzz
Source: ritrud727 | Instagram

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For many people, pets are considered an important part of the family. So, in the event that pets suddenly go missing, it can be a very heartbreaking and stressful thing to go through.

Recently, local actress Rita Rudaini filed a police report in an effort to find her missing pedigree cat named Pekan, a British Shorthair (which reportedly costs over RM2,000). The entire saga was documented on her Instagram.

According to one of her posts, Pekan was loaned to a couple in Bandar Baru, Semenyih for breeding purposes earlier on 1st January. However, the cat was believed to have broken out of its cage and went missing. Devastated over losing her cat, Rita said in her post that she was out looking for Pekan until around 3am in the morning for two nights in a row, but to no avail.

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Mintak tolong sgt penduduk bandar baru semenyih..Pekan baru 1hari di pinjam utk matting di rumah bandar baru semenyih..dan sy di beri tahu pekan hilang..mintak jasa baik sesiapa yg ternampak,terambil,pulangkan balik pd sy..DM sy…hanya yg btul2 syg n pecinta kucing je tau perasaan sy..kucing spt anak n family sendiri…klau anda hilang anak,org nak ganti dgn ank lain,adakah ia logik or sama mcm ank kita sendiri? Hanya yg syg kucing je tau…DM sy….Benda ni amat sensitif pd sy dan anak2…..sy sgt kecewa dan teramat sedih…dah 2 mlm sy dan sahabat sy dtg jauh ke semenyih utk cari pekan…mlm td sampai pukul 3pg kami mencari..xkira penat..sy demam pon gagah mencari anak sy yg di katakan hilang…pd kwn2 sy yg ikut sy dah 2 mlm,tkasih yg xterhingga😔 …sy akan trus lg mencari Pekan 😔 solat hajat,doa merayau kawasan umah org smpi 3-4pg sy buat..segala tips sy ikut…

A post shared by Rita Rudaini (@ritrud727) on

Desperate for help, the actress then decided to lodge a police report on Saturday (5th January) and started the hashtag #JusticeForPekan.

A translated excerpt from another Instagram post of hers reads,

“I will do anything it takes (to get Pekan back). Maybe this will help others who are also in the same position I am in. I will seek justice if it is discovered that there is a syndicate selling pedigree cats.”

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Step by step sy akan buat…kes dah jd kes polis…xjujur,x amanah…sy akan buat apa saja…mungkin bole bantu masalah org lain jugak yg ada masalah mcm sy…sy akan heret org tu klau di dapati bersalah..sy akan cari keadilan utk kucing2 lain klau btul ada sindiket…sy bole terima klau org brckp jujur n mohon maaf…tp sy xle terima pembohongan…wayang….bg sy satu je penipuan,dah bunuh smua kebaikan…org yg menipu sekali adakah dia bole di percayai lg seterusnya? Pd yg dah terambil,sila pulangkn..sy cuma akn ambik tidakkan pd yg memberinya sahaja…tp klau bersubahat bersama2,sy janji akan heret sekali…..mungkin lps ni sy akan viral kn pula org yg meminjam Pekan? Doa kn sy masih 'memberi ruang n peluang' lg….. #justiceforPEKAN #justiceforCats

A post shared by Rita Rudaini (@ritrud727) on

Thankfully, after days of searching, Pekan was found safe and sound yesterday morning (10th January) at around 2.50am. She took to Instagram once again to update her 1.4 million followers, saying,

“I just returned home from the police station. Thank you so much to Sargeant Rahmat and all the other police officers at Semenyih Police Station.”

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ALLAHUAKBAR…ALHAMDULILLAH..2.50pagi..sy baru pulang dr balai polis semenyih..tkasih yg xterhingga pd Sarjan Rahmat dan smua polis di balai polis semenyih krn menyelamatkan PEKAN….sy rasa sgt hepi bila di hubungi dan di beritahu berita gembira ni….Pekan dlm keadaan yg letih dan murung dan kurus…sy jugak nak ucapkan byk2 tkasih pd seorg hamba ALLAH ni….ALLAH telah hantar kn dia pd saat sy bersedih n memerlukan pertolongan…byk info mengenai PEKAN yg dia bongkarkan…mulia sgguh hati dia…sejuk perut ibu dia dpt anak berhati mulia….setiap mlm sy menunggu info dr dia dgn sabar..tkasih 😭 moga ALLAH sj yg membalas jasa adik n family…mulai mlm ni,sy telah menganggap dia spt family sy sendiri..ada hikmah bila sy post di IG smlm utk viral kan pula gambar peminjam…tiba2 PEKAN muncul….misteri..suratan atau kebetulan….kes ini akan sy bwk ke peringkat seterusnya….walaupon tlah djumpai,tp byk keraguan yg sy masih blum puas hati kerana cara Pekan hilang dan cara di jumpai semula sgt meragukan…sy mahu pihak polis teruskan menyiasat kes tersebut dan ambik tindakan sewajarnya…siasat sampai ke lubang cacing…sampai terungkai segala kebenaran…..krn byk info 'benar sebenarnya' yg sy dah pegang dr hamba ALLAH yg berhati mulia ini… Tkasih pencinta kucing yg xhenti2 berdoa utk PEKAN dan xhenti DM sy..tkasih kwn2 rapat yg bersama2 dgn sy dlm misi Pekan … Dan tkasih pd media yg menyiarkan kisah Pekan ..😌 ALHAMDULILLAH #justiceforPEKAN #justiceforcats #pencintakucing

A post shared by Rita Rudaini (@ritrud727) on

Meanwhile, police are continuing to investigate this case so that appropriate action can be taken, according to Astro Awani.

Well, we’re glad that Rita finally found her cat! What are your thoughts on this? Do you think filing a police report was necessary? Let us know in the comments below!


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