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Motorcyclist Gets Cut on Neck By Fishing Lines Tied Between Lamp Posts on DUKE Highway Exit



Source: Facebook

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A Malaysian man was shockingly cut on his neck by fishing lines tied between two lamp posts and decided to share his horrifying encounter on Facebook as a reminder to others.

According to the victim named Afiq Izwan, the incident happened on 17 September at around 6.30pm when he was riding through the Gombak exit of DUKE highway while heading home.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

“For those who don’t know, these are fishing lines which have a relatively rough surface. Usually, people (the culprits) would use these to (trip and) and rob motorcyclists who use this lane.”

“This is the reason why many riders are afraid of using motorcyclists’ lanes at night,” Afiq said. 

It was understood that Afiq was riding slowly while wearing a helmet and yet, the fishing lines managed to tear the strap on his helmet. “Can you imagine if someone was riding fast (passing the fishing lines) and didn’t wear a helmet?” 

So dangerous!

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Afiq told reporters from Oriental Daily that he immediately stopped after getting cut by the fishing lines but no suspicious individuals were there. He had heard about this modus operandi of robbing motorcyclists before but didn’t believe it until yesterday (17 Sept).

He has since lodged a police report and urged all motorcyclists in Gombak to stay alert especially when using the motorcyclists’ lanes at night.

We hope the culprits would be apprehended ASAP as the fishing lines could cause severe or even lethal injuries to road users. Stay safe guys! 


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