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MCO 2.0: M’sian Home Buyers Share 5 Things They Didn’t Know They Needed After Buying Their First Home



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When MCO 2.0 was announced earlier this year, we were all stuck at home once again. Just when we thought we did all the rearranging and redecorating we could, the second lockdown has really made us look at our homes and wonder what we would’ve done differently if we could turn back time.

Many of us also do not think long term before purchasing a home which may lead to certain regrets down the road. Do you want to avoid making that same mistake? Let us walk you through 5 things you should know before purchasing your next home:


1. Allocating enough space for the present & the future too!

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When purchasing a home, we should be able to go through various stages of life in said home. As an example, if you purchased your home as a bachelor or single lady, your home should have enough space to accommodate both you and your future spouse if you plan to get married! And if you’re a married couple, there may be a possibility that you may get a baby so be sure to have space for a children’s room in the future!

Additionally, during this MCO period, with many of us working from home, a spacious home also means we get more personal space and fewer distractions from everything else that may be going on at home!


2. Opting for brand new rather than sub-sale properties to save more money in the long run!

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While sub-sale properties do come with certain benefits, such as being a lot cheaper than a brand new property, purchasing brand new may help you save more in terms of finances and time. After all, you won’t really know the wear & tear of the sub-sale property until you’ve lived in it for a few months or years and you’ll undoubtedly be forced to fork out some money to fix & maintain your home if the problems are serious.

Additionally, sub-sale properties may come with existing furniture or appliances and while it seems tempting, there might be an underlying reason why the owner isn’t taking those items along with them. You may even have to spend extra to fix or replace these appliances if they turn out to be faulty. And that’s not something you wanna do during MCO! 


3. Having more movable furniture rather than built-in ones 


With all the time we’re spending at home, we may feel the itch to spruce up our homes. Luckily, this can be solved with a simple remodel of certain areas!

However, it can be expensive to do so. To avoid a hefty price tag, try to avoid installing too many pieces of built-in furniture during the initial renovation. Built-in ones such as built-in wardrobes which take up more space are more troublesome to move or get rid of in the future. Try and opt for movable pieces of furniture which can save you tons of money as there are many affordable options in the market now! You can also go for neutral colours for your home such as white or beige which gives a more timeless look.


4. Being close to facilities such as supermarkets & hospitals


When you choose your forever home, there is a lot more to it than the home itself! It’s important to consider your surroundings to see if it’s also a convenient place to live in. Having ready facilities nearby such as malls, schools, a hospital or even a supermarket is a major plus point! You won’t have to travel far just to get your basic necessities as well when you choose an area that has already been developed for some time.

If you’re a property investor, it’s a smart move to invest in properties that are surrounded by these facilities as the value will continue to increase as the years go by. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! It’s also proven to be extremely convenient during unprecedented circumstances like the MCO 2.0, for example.


5. Having an open and green space surrounded by nature & tons of fresh air 

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With the news of MCO 2.0, many of us spent a lot of time at home. Because of this, we began to realise how important being close to nature is for ourselves since we were all stuck indoors. It’s actually a lot healthier for us to have lots of open space surrounded by greenery!

Your mental health, social relationships and overall wellbeing seriously benefit from being surrounded by nature. This is something to really think about before choosing a neighbourhood to settle down in!

If these are some of the things you feel like you might need in your future home, you could check out Sime Darby Property’s Bandar Bukit Raja!

Screen Shot 2020 12 03 At 6.26.53 Pm

Bandar bukit raja surrounded by lush greenery

Featuring a complete and holistic township without comprising on open spaces and lush greenery, it’s a dream come true!

Are you wondering what the other amazing things Bandar Bukit Raja has to offer? We’ll break it down for you here:

Screen Shot 2020 12 03 At 6.26.38 Pm


  • Bandar Bukit Raja is strategically located in Klang and has been dubbed as The Pride of Klang given the fact that it has completely changed the landscape of living there.
  • Not only does Bandar Bukit Raja have excellent connectivity with Federal Highway, NKVE and SHAPADU, it also connects to the recently completed West Coast Expressway (WCE)!
  • Bandar Bukit Raja is also accessible via train and there are also airports nearby! To know more about connectivity around the area, visit their website here!


200528 Lavender Pavilion02 Min


  • The township of Bandar Bukit Raja was planned out by master developer Sime Darby Property who has an awesome track record with townships having had previously developed Subang Jaya as well as Taman Melawati.
  • Bandar Bukit Raja was built with a holistic self-sustainable development in mind, focusing mainly on three communities which are residential, commercial and industrial.
  • The residential community is one that is all-inclusive ranging from affordable housing all the way to semi-detached homes.
  • The commercial community ensures that Bandar Bukit Raja is a one-stop-shop for all its residents with thriving business centres and even a hospital! What else could you ask for?
  • Lastly, the industrial community boasts an award-winning industrial park with over 1 acre of land guaranteeing job opportunities for those in the community!
  • To know more about how Bandar Bukit Raja has really invested in building a community, read on here!


Dusun Bandar Fa Edit

Healthy Living 

  • A township that prioritises healthy living is essential for all communities. Bandar Bukit Raja was built with everyone’s wellness in mind. Boasting the largest town park in Klang spanning over 125 acres, there are a wealth of amenities including a football field and a 50km cycling track! That’s awesome! 
  • Additionally, there’s also space for a Festival Plaza and Urban Farming activities! They’ve really got it all at Bandar Bukit Raja! If you want to know more about their parks, click here!

All this sounds unbelievably tempting, right? Well, this is YOUR chance to experience living in Bandar Bukit Raja! With everything we’ve mentioned above, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss!

In fact, have you always wanted to live in a three or four-bedroom home with enough rooms to accommodate everyone in your family?

Look no further as we introduce you to Bandar Bukit Raja’s latest launch, Lyra!

Consisting of double-storey linked homes that start from 1,729 sqft, Lyra boasts spacious backyards with large windows allowing plenty of natural sunlight to enter your home.

With the extension of the Home Ownership Campaign along with other ongoing promotions, you’ll be sure to find your future home in Bandar Bukit Raja today!


Screen Shot 2020 12 16 At 12.39.10 Pm

Lyra living room

Screen Shot 2021 01 06 At 11.14.17 Am

Lyra family room

Screen Shot 2021 01 06 At 11.14.30 Am

Lyra park

Screen Shot 2020 12 16 At 12.39.34 Pm

Lyra facade

Screen Shot 2021 01 06 At 11.55.46 Am

Lyra aerial view

Screen Shot 2020 12 03 At 6.27.01 Pm

Bandar bukit raja rintik pond


These amazing pictures just don’t do it justice, the lush greenery is so amazing in real life! If you want to know more about Bandar Bukit Raja or their latest launch, Lyra, be sure to visit their website here today!


Source: NY Times
Source: WOB
Source: Nestia
Source: Freepik

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