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Man Stuffs Weed Packet Up His Nose & Forgets About It, Gets It Removed 18 YEARS Later



Australian Man Had Weed Packet Stuck In Nose For 18 YEARS, Said He Forgot About It - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: vice &dailymail

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When we’re determined, we’d go to great lengths to achieve something. That’s one thing great with us humans. Unfortunately, this guy’s determination was strong – but it seems like his memory was really weak..

This guy from Australia received a bag of weed from his girlfriend when he was in prison. Bear in mind, he was 30 years old at this time. And to hide it, he did the most obvious thing he could at the time – he stuffed the whole packet INTO HIS RIGHT NOSTRIL!

Of course, then, as you might have expected from hearing the first part of the story, he stuffed the packet so high up his nose that he thought he snorted it. In reality, the packet was just a little higher up in his nostril, and the area eventually hardened and formed a scar. Then, 18 YEARS LATER, he finally got it removed.

Source: LobakMerah

So, apparently, when an object in your nose hardens, eventually you won’t feel anything any more as long as it doesn’t exhibit any out-of-the-ordinary symptoms. However, you will be more prone to ailments such as headaches, leaky nose and nose bleeds, which was exactly what this guy faced for 18 long years. So, he went to the doctor thinking he had a sinus issue, and when the doctor did a CT scan, he found something abnormally shaped and informed the patient. That’s when the guy remembered that he had casually stuffed a packet of marijuana up his nose 18 years ago. All this while, he had never thought that his sinusitis was due to this.

Source: LobakMerah

Don’t worry, the doctor managed to remove the packet using a flexible camera and the wound healed three days later. There’s one thing I have to ask though, how big is this guy’s nose?


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