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Man Sends E-mail To Friend’s Wife Requesting Permission To Play Football With Her Husband



Source: Md Mahdi l Unsplash & Andi Risam Triangga l Pexels

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Sometimes, married couples need to actively find time to be able to hang out with their own respective friends in their own leisure time. 

A man with the name Yus Zainal (@Yusrizainal on Twitter) shared a humourous e-mail that he received from his friends, directed to his wife!

The tweet has accumulated 6,900 retweets and 10,700 likes at the time of writing.

The letter is addressed to Yus Zainal’s wife and in that letter, the Intact Malaysia team (a group where they play football together) requested permission to allow Yus to play football with the team one last time before Ramadhan starts. They stated a reason and that is:

“Madam’s husband feels happy when playing with our team which puts importance in brotherhood.”

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They then stated all of the details such as the time, venue and even the amount of money needed. They continue by saying,

“With a humble heart, I ask for madam to allow your husband to play with us on the field as his expertise is needed. After the sport, we will try our best to invite your husband to participate in religious activites.”

“We will also make sure that your husband will cover his aurat during the match so that we won’t carry the burden of his sin.”

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The representative of the group then ends the letter humorously:

“Madam has three days (prior to the match) to spend your husband’s money and to instruct him to do household chores. We agree with this and we will always support this as women are always right. We stand by this.”

This is certainly a very creative yet official way to ask for permission! Take note guys!


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