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Man Paid Hitmen To Kill Wife; Wife Survives And Surprises Husband At Her Own Funeral



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Marriage is a big step in life, but it’s also a phase most people will go through. You meet the person you think is your soulmate, go on dates then decide to share a life together. But.. sometimes marriages turn sour and this happened for Noela Rukundo.

10 years ago, Rukundo got married to her husband, Balenga Kalala.

Look how happy they were!


However, things took a huge turn when Balenga decided to pay a group of men to kill Noela.

The husband set up the hit attempt when she went back to her native country, Burundi for a visit for the funeral of her stepmother. After retreating to her hotel room saddened and tired, she took a nap. She awoke to a call from her husband telling her to step outside for some air and when she did, a gang of men pointed a gun at her, blindfolded her, and drove her to a remote indoor location. They then tied her to a chair and began questioning Rukundo.

“You woman, what did you do for this man to pay us to kill you?”

‘What are you talking about?’ Rukundo asked.

“Balenga sent us to kill you.”

She didn’t believe them and told the men they were lying but they only laughed at her.

“You’re a fool.”

Rukundo could hear her husband’s voice on the other end of the men’s speakerphone.

“Kill her.” Balenga said.

Rukundo, overwhelmed, fainted.


Surprisingly, the killers had a strange sense of honor. They in fact, didn’t kill her but let her go instead. They were against killing women and children but decided to steal Balenga’s $7,000 Australian Dollars for hiring them.


The men kept her with them until the full payment from the husband was made before letting her go.

They also gave Rukundo phone recordings of their conversations with Balenga, and even receipts of the payment they received. They dropped her off on the side of the road and told her “We just want you to go back, to tell other stupid women what happened,” before driving away.

Learning this, Rukundo was determined to get back at the son of a b****.


She called the pastor of her church in Melbourne, Australia, where her and Balenga lived. With his help, Rukundo arranged a flight back home. Meanwhile, her husband, thinking the men had killed his wife, told the community she had died in a tragic accident.

A funeral service was held in her honor and during the ceremony, the husband had put on a waterfall show, crying and sobbing that Noela has ‘left’ him. At the end of the ceremony, like a total badass, Rukundo approached her husband and he was surprised that he thought he saw a ghost.

He even touched her twice to make sure she wasn’t one.

Belanga confessed to hiring people to kill his wife after initially denying the allegation made to him. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

“I will stand up like a strong woman. My situation, my past life? That is gone. I’m starting a new life now.” – Noela Rukundo


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