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Young Malaysian Boy’s Depressing Life Story Touched Man’s Heart



"His Mum Committed Suicide and His Dad is an Abusive Alcoholic..." - World Of Buzz
Source: Razif Rawther

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Due to the high cost of living these days, Malaysians are finding it tough to live a comfortable life. Many people have even resorted to taking on multiple jobs just to earn a living.

A lot of Malaysians sadly, go through hell just to make ends meet, like 15-year-old Nivesh.

Facebook user Razif Rawther came across Nivesh who was going around asking for financial help on July 6, 2017.

"His Mum Committed Suicide and His Dad is an Abusive Alcoholic..." - World Of Buzz 1

Source: Facebook

Razif was approached by the poor boy who had walked all the way from Jalan Ipoh to Kampung Baru and soon heard his heartbreaking predicament, which nearly moved him to tears. In his Facebook post, he explained,

“I was in Kampung Baru around 12.30pm when this Indian boy by the name of Nivesh approached me and started communicating with me in Tamil language.”

“He asked whether I could get him some groceries instead of asking for money. Of course, feeling puzzled, I asked him why had he requested for that (instead of money).”

“Nivesh is the eldest among 4 siblings. His mum passed away recently and his dad is an alcoholic.”

When he talked about his mother, Nivesh’s eyes welled up. Apparently, the poor woman was constantly abused by her alcoholic husband.

She went out to work to support her family but her husband accused her of cheating and would often beat her up. One day, she just couldn’t take it anymore. So she decided to end her own life by poisoning herself. 

The family was so poor that they could not even afford to pay for her funeral. Luckily, the family’s church members assisted them with the whole funeral process.

Life was tough for the secondary three boy. “I also asked him about his education and apparently he could not continue his education as the school was asking for the fees before he could even sit for the exam,” Razif said.

He continued, “Due to financial constrains, he had to skip school and start looking for money to support the rest of his siblings in which the youngest is in standard 4.”

“He even added that his dad is now on drugs also and he rarely comes back home, which shows that these kids are not under anyone’s supervision.”

“None of his relatives are willing to help them mainly because of his dad.”

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Facebook

Razif could only think of NGOs or government organisations that could help the boy now but it seems like Nivesh has really tried everything but to no avail.

“He did approach MIC and explained his situation, and he was requested to submit his mum’s death certificate as proof before they could decide (on helping him or not).”

The teenager dutifully submitted everything he had and waited for 3 months with not a single chirp from MIC. Finally, he decided to go back to the government body to follow up on the status.

However, the adults there chased Nivesh out!

One of the representatives said to the boy,

“There are many other people who are going through the same situation as you and we’ve got no time to entertain all this! If there are any updates we will inform you!”

Of course, Razif brought Nivesh to the nearest grocery store and did some shopping. He bought enough food to hopefully feed the family for at least one month.

Razif wanted to send Nivesh home but the youngster refused, saying he was afraid because if his father saw him with some stranger, he would be punished.

So he dropped the boy at a bus stop and  also gave him his contact number before he got out of the car.

“I told him to contact me if there was anything he needed, and with a smile and tearing eyes, he nodded and walked away with the things I bought for his family.”

Upset that such a young boy was already facing such difficulties, Razif wanted to pinpoint the irresponsibility of the adults in this situation.

Firstly, he found it ridiculous for a man like Nivesh’s father to be so selfish. Secondly, he could not believe that a government body could be so ruthless and unhelpful towards someone in need.

“Where is your empathy and sympathy? Are you guys even doing your job of taking care of the welfare of the Indians in Malaysia?!”

“Don’t tell us that there are plenty of people in such conditions too! This just shows that you people are not doing your job well!”

If any of you ever see Nivesh around or know his contact details, do spread the word so that more people can help him and his siblings!

Next time, before we turn a ‘beggar’ away, try to hear them out first. Some may not be genuine but many are truly going through a tough time just like Nivesh.

A little help goes a long way.

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