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Malaysians Outraged With Najib Razak’s Facebook Post



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Who else besides a celebrity could spark over 22,200+ likes, 3400+ shares and 20,000+ comments in less than 12 hours? The same man who easily gotten RM2.6 billion, YES BILLION, in a little less than 5 years of service as the Malaysian Prime Minister.

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To trust or not to trust? That is the question.

The post has caused public outcry demanding a more solid explanation as to where those alleged donations came from.



And a hashtag movement seemed to be going on:



Since the anti-corruption agency released a statement saying that the RM2.6billion in Najib’s personal account are from donors, they did not say who donated the funds and what their purpose was.

This spiked curiousity and doubt for the lack of transparency the Prime Minister is holding from his people.

In fact, Malaysia government’s lack of transparency has caused many issues, one relating to the MH370 crisis.

As stated in an article by Bloomberg, “For more than 50 years, Malaysia has been ruled by the same governing coalition, one with a reputation for lacking transparency and scorning media scrutiny. Its inexperience dealing with the press became apparent in the hours and then days following MH370’s disappearance. Senior Malaysian officials held meetings with international journalists during which they were evasive, contradictory, and even condescending. At a March 10 presser, for example, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, the Defense Minister, petulantly answered one question by snapping: “You are talking to a defense minister and acting transport minister. I wouldn’t know.”

“The government heeded the online anger, and quickly became more forthcoming about what exactly it did and did not know about MH370 — including unflattering revelations about Malaysia’s slow initial response to the disaster. This marked an almost unprecedented degree of transparency and public accountability for the Malaysian government. And that was only a prelude to the government’s quick and coherent response to the downing of MH17 over Ukraine several months later.”

Cable News Network (CNN) correspondent and aviation analyst Richard Quest said, “The fundamental criticism of the Malaysian handling of the crisis has been one of presentation and information than the actual handing of the investigation. We don’t know really too much about the investigation. Information has been fairly slow,” adding that there were instances that authorities failed to correct wrong information disclosed earlier.”

“When you have the acting Transport Minister saying I can’t tell you this or I can’t tell you that, while at the same time there are officials leaking information left, right and centre – you get an impression that there is something to hide,” he added.

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