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Malaysians Can Now Buy Ready-to-Cook Meals at AEON From as Low as RM4!



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Convenience stores are truly convenient when it comes to getting instant food. Places like Family Mart even sells those piping-hot oden items and onigiri, which can be consumed there and then itself.

However, these food can be quite costly sometimes as they are pre-prepared for us all. Usually, we just need to pop them into the microwave oven for about two minutes.

Unfortunately, these pre-made food don’t always taste awesome, or at least to our liking.

So, AEON has come up with a quick solution to preparing our favourite dishes easily as they prepacked ingredients based on some of our favourite recipes!

In the grocery section of AEON’s supermarket, they allocated a special space called “Ready to Cook Corner” just for these custom-packed meat and veggies.

The awesome thing is, these ingredients are all cut, chopped, peeled and even portioned appropriately. So, all we have to do is cook them. How easy is that?

Of course, they have all the typical Malaysian favourites such as ABC soup, Tom Yum soup, Bihun stir fry, and many more. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Best of all, they have both prepacked food for meat eaters and vegetarians!

Ah damn, you’ve never cooked before in your life? Fret not, because AEON even slapped on the respective recipes right on the packaging!

Just follow the instructions accordingly and you will have a wonderful meal prepared with no problem.

There’s really no excuse anymore when your girlfriend asks you to cook for her.

The prices aren’t too crazy either. You can even get these ingredients from as low as RM4! The most expensive package sold is the seafood tom yum pack at RM20, which contains squid, prawns, and vegetables.

So far, this has only been spotted at Mid Valley’s AEON supermarket. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled when in the grocery section of other malls because who knows, they might be there too!

Let us know in the comment section if you see this “Ready to Cook Corner” in any other AEON outlets around Malaysia. 😀

Happy cooking!


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