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Malaysians Can Engrave Their Own Names In Korea’s Street By 30th Sept!



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What do Malaysians love more than their nasi lemak?

Well.. It is to look cool and getting free things of course!

Luckily for you, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has these two things in store!


WRITE YOUR NAME IN KOREA is a campaign launched by KTO for Korea’s newly hyped tourist attraction, ‘Sang Sang-Gil’ which means ‘Imagination Road’.

Walao, imagination really come true liao.

The campaign let’s you have your own name engraved on the road itself and it is open to international public who wishes to participate!

and this isn’t some cincai boncai road okay. It’s a legit new tourist attraction that you may visit one day in the future!

Yes, it’s true.

Your name.


In Korea’s street.


The catch? Absolutely nothing! To keep it really simple, by just entering your name and email here, you can have your own name engraved in Korea’s street and also stand a chance to win a free round trip to Korea for 4 days!

Now isn’t that sweet, just like their gummy candy looking logo?



Oh and if you haven’t got a clue, this is how Sang Sang Gil looks like.

sang sang



Step 1: Visit the official website at http://www.imagineyourkorea.com/write-your-name

Step 2: Click on Submit Your Name button, and fill up your details.

Step 3: Verify your email and you’re done!

Then claim your additional gift voucher in your email and stand a chance to win a 4 days trip to Korea aside from being permanently engraved in the streets of Sang Sang Gil.

It’s as easy as eating your packet of nasi lemak in the morning.

But be quick!

Only the first 23,000 participants will have their names engraved on Sang Sang-Gil road. It is a first come first serve basis!

For the extra names after 23,000, your names will still be printed and displayed in the Sang Sang Gil area of the Changdong Art Village.

Closing date is on the 30th Sept 2015, so make sure you and your friends don’t miss it.

I repeat, deadline is tomorrow. Miss liao don’t say we bojio!


Additional goodies for participants:

1. A small souvenir prepared by KTO which includes an Ecobag, Transportation Card, T-shirt, Korean Rubber Shoes (Gomusin), Changwon City Tour Bus Ticket.

2. A chance to win a FREE round trip to Korea for 4 days (includes 3 nights’ accommodation and tour to Sang Sang-Gil)

1 person per week will be chosen to fly to Korea. Here are the winners so far as listed:

  • Jieting Deng (China)
  • Nida Nabilah (Malaysia)
  • Jeffery Masoner (USA)
  • Yumi Otsu (Japan)

Imagine all the kimchi and authentic Korean BBQ you can eat. *drools*


Wait what wor? Click here to join now!

Here’s some of the things you can expect around the new bustling attraction Sang Sang-Gil:

1. Core Bakery

The bakery is famous for their corn bread, walnut bread and milkshake.

kk core bakery


2. Koryodang

This bakery’s honey bread and senbei are famous throughout the country



3.  Moonshin Art Street

Moonshin Art Street is the essence of Changdong Art Village. The street is very narrow, allowing only two or three people to walk shoulder to shoulder, but it has art museums such as the Gallery Leah and Space 1326. Small workshops line the road where you can peer inside to look at the artwork and making crafts with the artisans are quite the attractions.



4. Masan Fish Market

Considered as one of the top 3 fish markets on the south coast, this street includes live fish restaurants that serve fresh fish just caught from the coast of Masan, Tongyeong and Geoje, as well as a market with a variety of other seafoods.



5. Changwon Moonshin Art Museum

Moonshin is Masan’s representative sculptor and painter who became most widely known through Paris. The Moonshin Circle Museum exhibits the circular frame of Moonshin’s sculptures, and his large artworks standing outside are the main attractions. Located on a hill overlooking Masan Port and Changdong Art Village, the musem has one of the most spectacular views.



6. Gagopa Kkoburang-gil Wall Painting Street

It has a variety of murals in the winding alleys leading into the mountain village. The paintings feature diverse subjects and content, from nature to animals and pop art. Just like Changwon Moonshin Art Museum, the streets have a great view of Masan City and the sea.



What are you still waiting for? Click here or on the hot chick below to join now!


korea4  korea3korea6  korea2  korea5  korea7


Here’s pretty Korean K-Pop star Krystal from f(x) introducing “Write Your Name in Korea”.


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