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Malaysian Orphanage Pleads Public for Donations, Here’s How You Can Help Them



Source: WOB

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It’s difficult to put yourself in the shoes of someone who’s endured difficulties, disabilities and abuse in their life. This is because, even with imagination, it’s difficult to recreate the actual mental and physical impact such events and circumstances develop.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t help those who have experienced or are still experiencing such situations and traumas.


Children saved from abusive parents or single parents who can no longer support them

The ShanDai Welfare Home Center is a safe space for disabled and orphaned children to heal from their past experiences and build a family of their own.

Thanks to the orphanage, the children now consider each other family and have a great support system to help them learn and prosper as they grow. They provide meals and activities for them to learn and grow.

However, since lockdown, the orphanage is struggling to obtain donations, especially with their current aim to expand the orphanage so they are able to take in more unfortunate kids.


How to help?

Do note that there is absolutely no need to break the bank, because we understand that many want to help but are unable to give much financially due to their own circumstances. Hence, even the smallest contributions are welcomed as help even in the slightest of scales can make a huge difference in these kids’ lives.

You can contribute to the ShanDai Welfare Home Center through online banking:

Account number: 8881040000310 (Ambank)
Account name: Pertubuhan pusat penjagaan kanak kanak cacat shan dai selangor


The orphanage is registered and recognised by the government

Once completing a transaction, you can send over a receipt to their social worker, Nelson, so that they can record every donation and issue an official receipt. You can contact Nelson at +601169835682.

The ShanDai Welfare Home Center is also happy to receive inquiries in regards to the children’s well-beings and on how the donations are being spent.


Why help?

Because these kids (and many others) have been let down by the people in their lives, and that’s just not right. The orphanage is dedicated to nurture and give love to unfortunate children, and with the funding, they’ll be able to expand and take in more kids who need them.

So let’s help the ShanDai Welfare Home Center give exactly that to the children that they’ve saved and the ones that they will.

We’re ready to do our part in helping these children, and we hope you will too. 


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Source: WOB
Source: WOB

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