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Malaysian Man Reveals Myvi Weaknesses and Why It Shouldn’t be Modified



Malaysian Man Explains Why People Should Stop Modifying Their Perodua Myvi - World Of Buzz
Source: Ckchia and Blogspot

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I’m sure we’ve all seen how fast a Perodua Myvi can go on the highway. There’s a reason why it’s dubbed ‘the super car of Malaysia’. 

Some Myvi owners even go to the extent of modifying their cars when the stock performance can’t satisfy their need for speed anymore, which begs the question – is a Perodua Myvi really suitable to be modified into a speed machine?

A netizen named Qasmi Ramli recently shed light on this matter and urged Malaysians to think twice before boosting the performance of the vehicle. Here’s what he said:

“I was once hired to customise a Perodua Myvi Advance 1.5. Halfway through the modifications, I had no choice but to pull the plug on this project because the Myvi chassis is not made to go beyond 120km/h.”

To enhance the road performance of the Myvi, he installed a Haltech ECU Sprint 5000, a larger fuel injector of 240c, Eibach spring and 15-inch Enkei rims.

The outcome was a super-fast Myvi with a top speed of 220km/h. Mind-blowing! He even attached a picture to prove his case.

Source: Facebook

But the conclusion he drew after testing the car was shocking. He said, “The body of a Myvi is not suitable to be modified to achieve such high speed”.

This is because the chassis almost broke apart due to the extreme vibration during the testing.

Source: Facebook

Besides, he also pointed out that a Myvi is not exactly the safest car out there because the rear passengers are only protected by the rear axle.

Source: Facebook

which means when a Myvi is rear-ended, this will happen:

Source: Blogspot

Source: Blogspot

Not so pretty eh?

So guys, don’t put your life at risk just because you want your car to go a little faster. You don’t need it to be THAT fast anyway since the speed limit is only 110km/h, am I right? 


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