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Loving Chinese Husband Makes Labouring Wife Laugh by Dancing In Hospital



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Source: Oriental Daily & Weibo

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It’s a sweet gesture for husbands to accompany their wives into the labour room, but this gentleman from China went this extra mile.

A woman from Hainan, China, was rushed to the hospital at 3 am on 27 June because she went into labour. And Wang, her loving husband followed his wife into the labour room as most brave husbands do.

According to Oriental Daily, she is a first-time mother and also of advanced maternal age (above 35 years old). Not only was she drenched in sweat because of the enormous amount of pain from labour, but she was also anxious about the delivery.

Wang was heartbroken and nervous upon seeing his beloved wife suffer so he requested the doctor to give her epidural anaesthesia so that her pain could subside.

Meanwhile, Wang (who is also a dance instructor) came up with a great idea to cheer her up.

“Honey, let me dance for you! I’m sure you won’t be in so much pain after watching me dance!”

Right after he finished his sentence, he turned on the music and began to perform a wonderful traditional dance in front of her delivery bed. Woah!

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Source: Weibo

Fortunately, she was successfully distracted and she giggled over her husband’s completely committed mini-performance.

Entertained, the hospital staff quickly recorded a video of him as they were moved by this adorable husband’s act.

The best news is that the baby boy was safely delivered, and both Wang and his wife were beyond excited to welcome their new stage in life.

The video was uploaded on Weibo showing his professional moves, and people were super impressed!

Netizens left comments, complimenting the husband’s good intention.

“He’s a sweet husband, and he’ll be a sweet dad too!”

“The pain level of labour is intensely high, so sweet of him to do this.”

While one jokingly said: “I was scared that his shoe would go flying at the mother’s face”.

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Source: Weibo

Congratulations to the cute couple!

Do you have an interesting labour story? Share with us in the comments!

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